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Asian Access needs VP for Church Multiplication in Japan

3 August 2010 (19:22) | posted by jhandley |

VP for Church Multiplication/Japan needed! 

New VP position opens in Japan

Asian Access is looking to significantly advance church multiplication over the next ten years in Japan. In order to facilitate our aggressive goals (see the 2020 Vision below), we are seeking a new Vice President for Church Multiplication/Japan.

As we have looked at the spiritual and social needs of Japan (less than 1% of the population following Christ, tremendous social problems – rising suicide rates, latch-key/shut-in children, and disintegrating families), we believe God has called us to expand ministry in Japan.

With this goal in mind, we are seeking to aggressively pursue our mission,“to unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

To achieve this end, we aim to:

  1. Collaborate broadly with other church multiplication movements in the country.
  2. Recruit more Japanese congregations for church multiplication.
  3. Send more missionaries committed to church multiplication movements in the country.
  4. Encourage the Church as a whole to establish holistic ministries addressing some of the most significant problems in Japanese society (eg. suicide, shut-ins, breakdown of the family, etc.).

We are eager to see who the Lord provides to champion the 2020 Vision:

To deploy 100 church multiplication teams:

  • Who will establish 1,000 reproducing congregations
  • Which will enfold 1 million new followers of Christ
  • Who will in turn send 1,000 missionaries from Japan to the cities of Asia,      
  • that will be home to 1 billion people by the year 2020 AD.

Position Overview

  • Title: Vice President for Japan
  • Purpose of Job: To lead the A2 Strategic Partnership in Japan to identify, develop and release emerging kingdom leaders.
  • Position in Organization: Shall report directly to the President
  • Focus: The strategic focus of this role is to inspire, counsel and direct those missionaries who are a part of the A2 Strategic Partnership in Japan toward seeing church multiplication movements launched in Japan; and to collaborate with JCGI Network leadership and other strategic partners or alliances in promoting the vision and mission of Asian Access. 

You can help us:

  1. Pray that God would lead us to the right person for this high calling.
  2. Recommend people or submitting your name should you meet the requirements listed in the job description (see PDF).
  3. Prayerfully consider making a significant gift to help us launch this new effort.

More information...


Pastors pray for Gary Parrett

8 July 2010 (21:37) | posted by jhandley |

It’s been a great week here in Sri Lanka with Asian Access. Adrian DeVisser, VP for Partnership Development and National Director for A2/Sri Lanka, taught the sessions along with Pastor Richard Brohier, from Australia, and me.

As you may be aware, we were helping fill in the gaps that occurred due to Dr. Gary Parrett being hospitalized in Korea following a tragic and fatal bus accident in Seoul.

It’s been an incredible week as we’ve watched the Asian Access pastors praying for Gary, his family and for Pastor Kenny Yee’s family. Kenny died as a result of the accident.

Here's a brief video clip of the A2 pastors praying. They did this 2-3 times per day all for Gary and the others. The prayer times lasted anywhere from 20-30 minutes per prayer session.

Thanks for joining us in praying,
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Joe Handley

P.S. - If this 24-second video clip below does not show up, please click here... or here...


Please pray for Dr. Gary Parrett

6 July 2010 (08:35) | posted by jhandley |

Dear Praying Friends,

Dr. Gary ParrettWe are deeply saddened by the tragic accident involving Asian Access’ faculty member and country coordinator, Dr. Gary Parrett. Gary was en route to Sri Lanka to teach for the latest Asian Access leadership development session when his bus went over the railing near the airport in Seoul, South Korea.

Gary was accompanied by Pastor Kenny Yee, from Highrock Covenant Church in Arlington, MA, who died along with 12 others in the accident. Gary, professor at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, is currently in critical condition and his wife and daughter will soon accompany him in the hospital in Seoul.

Our prayers go out to their families and churches as well as to the pastors in Sri Lanka who have been deeply touched by Gary’s shepherding, mentoring and teaching.

To fuel your prayers, you can learn more from Gary’s family at this website:

May the peace of Christ rest on the families and the churches and may His healing touch be upon Gary during these critical hours.

Grace and Peace,

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More information...

Asian Access Seeks to Expand Ministry in Japan

22 June 2010 (02:12) | posted by jhandley |

What will it take to reach Japan?

As we have looked at the spiritual and social needs of Japan (less than 1% of the population following Christ, tremendous social problems – rising suicide rates, latch-key/shut-in children, and disintegrating families), we believe God has called us to expand ministry in Japan.

With this goal in mind, Asian Access is seeking to aggressively pursue our mission, “to unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

To achieve this end, we aim to:

  1. Collaborate broadly with other church multiplication movements in the country.
  2. Identify more Japanese churches with a vision for Church Multiplication and equip them, so that they may be released to plant new churches.
  3. Send more missionaries committed to church multiplication movements in the country.
  4. Encourage the Church as a whole to establish holistic ministries addressing some of the most significant problems in Japanese society (eg. suicide, shut-ins, breakdown of the family, etc.).

Over the next few months, we anticipate launching a whole new effort to help us achieve this vision. So, keep following our website and posts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) for more information...

A2 on Facebook [ ]A2 on Twitter [ ]A2 on LinkedIn [ ]

[Click the button to go directly to the A2 page on each site.]

Finally, keep us in your prayers as we seek to follow the Lord in his desire to see Japan reached for Christ.

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The Best Leader Development Ministry in Our Country

17 May 2010 (10:16) | posted by jhandley |

I just finished a few days with leaders from all over the world here in Asia for a consultation about the Church in this region.  During the consultation, I was asked to serve on a panel for a “Dialogue on Partnership in Leadership Development.” 

Me and two new friends
Joe with Abram and Alec (not their real names) at the Consultation.

Little did I know that an A2 graduate was in the audience and half way through the discussion, he stood up and said, “Asian Access is the best leadership development ministry I’ve seen in our country! This is because they work through the local churches and local pastors.” 

He went on to share how Asian Access was instrumental in bonding the leading pastors from his city and how they formed a monthly prayer meeting which has truly built a solid community of pastors for the country.  He then told the group how the Asian Access network was key for gathering the 250 delegates that will be attending the historic Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Cape Town this October

Later, another key leader for the country (the closing speaker for the conference) re-affirmed the very same ideas.  What a humbling experience... To know that Jesus is using Asian Access in such an instrumental manner.

Lord, may we be your servants, “To see a vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character and competence leading the church across Asia."

For His Kingdom,

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Simplify Your life - Lessons Learned From Nomadic Cultures

15 April 2010 (13:12) | posted by jhandley |

Do you ever feel like your life is too complex? 

Chinzorig JigjidsurenRecently, while talking with A2/Mongolia Country Leader Chinzorig Jigjidsuren, I was reminded of the simplicity of following Christ and how that can influence one’s life. In this day and age, we seem to get every form and method of church thrown at us: purpose driven, missional, organic, emerging, simple, etc. All of these have their merits, but sometimes they can be confusing. I have nothing against any of these, but I was impressed with what I learned from Chinzorig in the context of a nomadic culture.

As pastor of Emanuel Fellowship in Ulan Baatar (a large church in Mongolia), Chinzorig is now trying to develop a simpler, more Mongolian form of church. It is more Mongolian because it follows a nomadic lifestyle and involves simply being a spiritual father to his family (discipling them in Jesus) and leading others in his church to do the same.

It’s characteristic of what we are seeing happen across Asia.  We are a community of pastors committed to seeing a disciple-making movement transform the world.

Check out the spotlight below on YouTube to learn more about a simpler life... of following Christ, making disciples, and redeeming a culture.

Chinzorig and his pastoral colleagues' vision for the collective church of Mongolia is compelling and simple: believe in Christ, live in Christ and redeem the culture.  Follow this spotlight with the prayer video for this country.  

May that same prayer be true for each of our countries as well.

For His Kingdom,

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Spotlight on Mongolia

Prayer for Mongolia

To see these on our A2 flash player, click on the links below...

What are ways you've tried to simplify your life?

Knowing Jesus Intimately * Our Love Relationship With God

23 February 2010 (11:42) | posted by jhandley |

These last few days I’ve had the privilege of sitting with fellow pastors in Asia preparing for an important gathering coming up in March for our ministry. It was an invigorating experience because we spent a good deal of time on our knees praying for God’s direction and waiting on Him to guide us in the coming years. 

Our key focus was and is to strengthen our mission by reinforcing “The Essence of Asian Access”. Core to this essence is our “Love Relationship with God” and we prayed, walked through scripture and spent time reflecting on how we can go deeper in our common bond to develop leaders and multiply churches.

David Dayalan, National Director of Asian Access/IndiaAs we reflected on this, David Dayalan, National Director Asian Access/India, shared during our devotion one morning the importance of walking with God from the perspective of Moses and the Children of Israel. Just after their failure and repentance at Mount Sinai, God's people were readying themselves for entry into the Promised Land. Moses knew that without God’s presence, they could not go forward:

Exodus 33:15-17
"Then Moses said to him, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.  How will anyone know that You are pleased with me and with Your people unless You go with us? What else will distinguish me and Your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?” And the LORD said to Moses, “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.”

How true this is!  Everything we do in ministry flows from our “Love Relationship with God” and it is through intimately walking with Jesus (John 15:5) that we will bear much fruit.

Pray for us...that as we prayerfully seek "To see a vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character and competence leading the church across Asia." Pray also that we would all daily come to the presence of our Father in Heaven and walk intimately with our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

May He build a vibrant community of servant leaders “to unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

For His Kingdom,

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Toward Cape Town 2010: The Lausanne Movement

28 January 2010 (16:02) | posted by jhandley |

Cape Town 2010 logo

I just finished three stimulating days conversing with several U.S. Church and Mission leaders preparing for the upcoming historic gathering for world evangelization: Cape Town 2010. This event in October will bring together 4000 leaders from more than 200 countries to discuss the significant issues of our day for the life of the global church.

Over the last few days, we have been discussing six critical issues from the perspective of the US Church all preparing for this October when we will gather with others from around the world to grapple with the most important issues facing the world.

My predecessor, Doug Birdsall, and an impressive array of leaders are guiding us through this process, and I'm eager to see what emerges as leaders from all over the globe come together this fall.

We spent our days walking through scripture (Eph 1:15-23 and Eph 3:14-21), fellowshipping together and discussing these all-important issues.

You can also take part even if you're not able to be one of the 4000 participants in Cape Town this October. There will be global link sites all over the world where everyone can participate in the discussions. In addition, there is an ongoing global conversation being conducted online over the course of the year. Christianity Today is posting an important article each month this year and we can all contribute our best thinking by responding online.

Here are the 6 core issues that are being discussed:

  1. Truth: Bearing Witness to the Truth of Christ in our time
  2. Reconciliation: Building the Peace of Christ in our Divided and Broken World
  3. World Faiths: Living the Love of Christ with Neighbors of Other Faiths
  4. Priorities: Discerning the Will of Christ in our Ongoing Evangelism
  5. Integrity: Returning to the Way of Christ in Repentance and Humility
  6. Partnership: Partnering in the Body of Christ Toward a new Global Equilibrium
Lausanne Movement banner

I encourage you to join us in this vital conversation. The first and second Lausanne events in Lausanne (1974) and Manilla (1989) shaped much of Christian thinking for world evangelization and this third historic event promises to be enlightening for the future.

Pray for this historic gathering. It has significant impact for the coming decades in mission...

Networking * Generosity * Partnership

19 January 2010 (15:34) | posted by jhandley |

Ever since Tuesday, 1/12/10, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting news about my friend, Dan Woolley, a Compassion International staff worker in Haiti who served as a student intern of mine when I worked at Azusa Pacific University.

Dan’s story has captured the hearts of thousands and is an illustration of hope in the midst of catastrophic disaster. If you haven’t heard or seen Dan’s story, you can see part of it here... 

Our vision at Asian Access is “to see a vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character and competence leading the church across Asia” and it has been encouraging to see the Church rise up in the midst of such devastation in Haiti. While we are committed to Asia, we desire to see this type of servant leadership emerging worldwide as a witness for Christ.

A few of our core values in pursuing this vision are the values of networking, generosity and partnership. To this end, we are part of a larger community of missions committed to reaching the world for Christ by taking the “whole Gospel to the whole world.”

First, we belong to a network of ministries called The Mission Exchange which is working with CrossGlobal-Link to provide a network of resources and information for the disaster in Haiti. To connect with their work, you can learn more at:

Asian Access is also firmly committed to the principle of generosity.  Another accountability network we participate in, the ECFA, has setup a few great links to help out with the relief effort in Haiti. If you’re looking for a ministry to help in this effort, the following links should prove useful. These are ministries that have integrity and are run by solid principles developed by the ECFA: Check out these opportunities...

Pray for the people of Haiti and for the Church as it stands up to provide relief, rebuild lives and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For His kingdom,

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Jesus is the source of this ministry

17 January 2010 (16:55) | posted by jhandley |

Asian Access brings paradigm shifts for Mongolian pastor

Pastor Batbold, A2•Mongolia Class 2 grad, current working team memberAt the recent Asian Access•Mongolia class 4 graduation, I listened to Pastor Batbold share his appreciation for Asian Access and the impact it is making in his own life and ministry.

Pastor Batbold graduated from class 2 and is now a "working team" member for Asian Access•Mongolia. He is giving back to this movement from which he has benefitted.  And he sees A2 contributing to the Church in Mongolia!

I was so encouraged that I asked him to share again for you to see and hear him.  Not only does Pastor Batbold reflect that he learned Jesus is the source of his ministry, but he also shares about other paradigm shifts toward a kingdom perspective.  He also speaks of the rich fellowship created through the A2 community.

Check out his video clip below (or click here) and be encouraged:

Mongolia Graduation 2009

2 December 2009 (10:44) | posted by jhandley |

Mongolia Oct 2009Inspirational... that is how I describe my recent time in Mongolia and another country. I was in Mongolia as a faculty member for the final session of our fourth class of pastors and the outcome was simply inspirational! Many of the twelve graduating pastors developed similar plans as Pastor Sundui (pictured here). Sundui, led by the Lord through the Asian Access program, developed plans to start 500 churches and see 10,000 people come to Christ in the next eight years.

Another graduate, Oyunchimeg (pictured below), developed similar plans and joins numerous other Mongolian pastors in planning to share the gospel and plant churches across the road once devastated by Genghis Khan stretching from Mongolia, China, Central Asia and all the way to Turkey in the west. Their goal is to redeem the areas conquered by Genghis Khan through sharing the love and truth of Jesus.

All together, the Lord led these twelve pastors to develop plans to see hundreds of churches planted in Mongolia and neighboring countries (3 pastors alone plan to plant 500 churches each) and to see tens of thousands of new followers of Jesus (again, those same three pastors desire to see 10,000 new converts from their churches alone). Simply amazing!

Mongolia Oct 2009

Over and above all of this, countries like Mongolia face tremendous social problems: poverty, alcoholism, abortion, children without parents, etc. To answer these challenges, the church stands in the gap. They have set up NGO’s (non-profit agencies) to reach out to these underprivileged in the name of Christ. What a joy to stand beside the church in these efforts as one of our core beliefs at Asian Access is that God raises up the Church to stand in the gap on behalf of the world’s problems and social challenges. This is why we invest in building up church leaders so that the church is well equipped to deal with the challenges in their societies.

Mongolia Oct 2009

After a wonderful graduation ceremony, I was given opportunity to preach in two Sunday services. What a joy to experience these two radically different services. The first was in a Mongolian Ger (our Kazakh friends call this a Yurt) and the second was a service in downtown Ulaan Baatar held in a theater-like atmosphere. The first place felt like a camp meeting and the second felt like a modern rock and roll service. Here’s a picture to give you a feel for the Ger environment.

In another country, I met with more than 22 pastors from all over the region. They all shared what a blessing the ministry has been for them and the common theme was how it strengthened them as church leaders and unified the church in the country. One pastor shared of a church near his province that was facing persecution because they had too many members (over 10,000 people in their network). A few of their leaders were thrown in jail and so we prayed for their release. However, as we prayed, many of the pastors asked that God would bless and encourage the government officials who were persecuting them – that they would be led to the joy of Christ. What an example of Christian leadership: praying for those who persecute you!

I was also able to reconnect with an old friend, Pastor David, who recently went through some challenges in his church. A friend from Rolling Hills Covenant asked if Asian Access could help David and guess what happened? The Asian Access family had already rallied around him and helped him out! One of the A2 graduates welcomed David to join his church movement and today David is so happy to be back in ministry and so are we. David is a faithful witness who has spent time in prison on several occasions for the sake of his witness. One time after I visited his church, the next week the government shut down their home fellowship. Praise the Lord that the seeds he plants don’t die. Even though persecution comes, the word of the Lord will last forever!

One missionary leader recently said of the work there, “If you see anything of significant substance happening here, you need to look at Asian Access. Much of what is happening in the church is directly or indirectly related to the influence of Asian Access ministry.”

Why do we receive such positive praise? I believe it’s because our core focus is rooting ourselves in our “love relationships with God”. Core to our training, more than any other single element, is our commitment to seeing the principle of John 15 lived out in the lives of church leaders: that we would abide in Christ. It is the first of our four essential outcomes in ministry and the one we spend a great deal of time developing. It is only through being connected to the vine that we bear much fruit.

Your prayers and support are helping build momentum for these types of transformational endeavors in Asia. Thank you for your faithful and sacrificial financial support during this challenging economy. As we come into the final few months of the year, we do ask for your prayers and for some special Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts for our family and for Asian Access. Like most missionaries and ministries, we receive 30-40% of our ministry funding during November and December. So, we’d appreciate your prayers for this season and your prayerful consideration of a special gift.

Mongolia Oct 2009

You’re awesome and we so appreciate you!

For His Kingdom,

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Joe for the family

Bringing hope in the midst of suffering

18 November 2009 (00:25) | posted by jhandley |

De Visser delivers powerful message to students

Biola University’s Torrey Memorial Bible Conference focused on the theme of “Suffering” this fall and Adrian De Visser, Pastor at Kithu Sevana Church and Ministries and Asian Access Vice-President for Partnership Development, spoke on Hope in the Midst of Suffering. Reports abound from across the campus of the powerful impact of Pastor Adrian’s message, so much so that word got out to a friend of mine and local mission pastor at a well-known Southern California church. He later expressed how honored he was to meet Adrian after we were able to pull together a meeting a few days later.

The message was so powerful that I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to watch the message so here it is. I hope you experience the same sense of hope that swept the Biola campus a few weeks ago as you watch this videoblog.  It's well-worth the time you set aside to watch this clip.

Adrian De Visser: "Bringing Hope in the Midst of Suffering" (64 minutes)

Note:  If you're reading this blog post on Facebook and don't see the video, you need to click "View Original Post" or use this direct link:

Summer Joy (Fruitful Progress in Japan)

28 September 2009 (06:45) | posted by jhandley |

As fall has now moved into full swing, I thought you might enjoy a few glimpses of the last few months in ministry (especially for our work in Japan)...

It’s been a vibrant summer for us at Asian Access and we celebrate the fruit of our relationships as well as the fruit of the ministry.

Mission Family BBQ

InLos Angeles, our Asian Access family gathered at one of the largest gatherings of our mission (this side of the Pacific) in years. Everyone enjoyed the summer BBQwith LA office staff, missionaries on home assignments, formermissionaries and staff, and future missionaries too. It was a greattime of fun and relaxation as well as a time to renew our spirits asco-workers in Christ’s kingdom for Japan!

So. California BBQ in August 2009

So. Cal. Summer Gathering

Vision Discussions for Japan

It’s also been a rewarding summer as we’ve spent a great deal of time discussing our vision for Japan and how we can be more effective in ministry. Here we are with several of our team leaders from Kansai, Okinawa, and Hokkaido. What a joy to collaborate on ministry and hear one another’s hearts for seeing Japan reached for Jesus! You would be so impressed with our mission families as they are the best. I’ve been serving in mission leadership for some 20 years of full-time ministry and these folks are some of the brightest and most dedicated folks I’ve ever met and worked with. What a blessing to serve alongside of them in ministry!

Discussions about Japan ministry at the home of Eric & Sue Takamoto near Osaka

Eric and Sue Takamoto’s hosted our ministry discussions

Pastor’s Vision Tour of the Pacific North West

Last week I was with several pastors from Japan as we toured innovative churches in the Pacific North West of the USA.  It was part of the bi-ennial pastor's vision tour sponsored by our A2 leadership development ministry in Japan. We were in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. and had a very fruitful time. Together we gleaned fresh ideas for ministry which I believe will prove quite productive for the future of ministry in Japan.

 Japanese pastors praying for me while on the 2009 vision tour to the North West

Japanese pastor’s praying for me

I asked Pastor Terada, pictured with me below, about the fruit of the ministry and he told me what a blessing it was to graduate from the Japanese Church Growth Institute. He learned about cell group outreach and began implementing it in his church. Over the years, he’s seen between 200-300 people come to Christ after implementing this strategy and he’s so blessed to have taken part in the leadership development ministry and to see such great fruit.

In addition, he’s excited about the future of ministry in Japan. Like much of the world, post-modernity is impacting the church in Japan and Pastor Terada was pleased to see new forms of church work in the Pacific North West to help inform future generations of church life in Japan.

 Pastor Fumio Terada and me during the 2009 pastor's vision tour in the North West

Pastor Fumio Terada & Me

Between my time with our missionary families and many Japanese pastors, it is clear there is a hunger for a fresh new movement for church life in Japan. Let’s pray for a fresh new move of the Spirit in Japan and for new forms of church expression to develop so that the younger generations of Japan will come to know and love Jesus!

Stories from A2-Mongolia

31 August 2009 (20:36) | posted by jhandley |

In this quick video report, Chinzorig shares the story of his friend, Pastor Ariunbold. When I met Ariunbold, every time I turned around he would pound his chest and say in broken English, “Joe, me servant!” Each time he was doing something sacrificial for either me or one of the other people we visited. This constant servanthood touched me so I asked Ariunbold why he volunteers his time to recruit pastors and coordinate the ministry.

Ariunbold said, “Joe, when I joined Asian Access, all I wanted to do was grow my own church and I thought I would learn some tips and techniques from American Church Growth ideas to grow my church. The problem was that’s not what Asian Access offered. Instead, they taught me about deepening my walk with Christ, how to carry that into the lives of my congregation (discipleship) and offered me a vision to impact my country and the world.”

Since graduating Ariunbold has now planted five other churches and those five have reproduced themselves to plant 13 other churches. It’s quite a story and our Country Leader, Chinzorig shares a little of this story and impact in the video below.

At the end of my time with Ariunbold, he said to me, “Joe, there are Mongolians that live in Russia, Kazakhstan, another neighboring country and South Korea.” Then, practically grabbing my collar, he says, “And we need to reach them for the gospel!” I thought right then and there that that was why God called me to Asian Access, to come alongside a whole new generation of Ariunbolds throughout Asia and finish our part in reaching the world for Christ. For me, it doesn’t get any better than this!

P.S. - If you're reading this post on Facebook, you'll need to click "View Original Post" in order to watch the video clip.



Hello, I am Chinzorig.  I am a pastor of Emmanuel Assembly, and I work with Asian Access.  I’m the national director for Asian Access/Mongolia.  I’ve been in the first class and now I’m privileged to work as a staff for Asian Access.  And now we have the fourth class of Asian Access, in the middle of its training.  I would like to share a couple of encouraging stories for you – to be encouraged in the Lord.

The first one is my close friend, who is actually on our staff now.  His story is amazing.  He has an amazing heart for the Lord, and he has actually traveled to all the 21 provinces in Mongolia with the Gospel, and he started churches and started making disciples and now he oversees some of them.  He received his teaching on organic church and house church movements and now he’s done a great job traveling to different nations even, like including South Korea ministering to Mongols there, and also he goes to Buryatia now to cooperate with the Russian church and also works with the Buryatan church reaching Buryat people with the Gospel.  He carries this message of organic church, you know, a simple church but very effective church and that’s his value now.  Wherever he goes the people are encouraged there.  They go more into a simple lifestyle, but quite effective lifestyle with low cost, but true discipleship and just a great job.

My second story would be one of my friends again.  He was really touched by one of the sessions on [the] “Father Heart of God.”  Now that message has become his own message and now he takes this message to every church, to every Christian.  He is the message bearer of Father Heart of God.  And because of his ministry and preaching, many people reconcile with their fathers and inner healing and relationship restoration and family restoration happens, so I would like to thank you all who are giving to Asian Access and supporting us with prayer.  God bless you.

A Year In Review

11 August 2009 (16:10) | posted by jhandley |

We recently produced an overview of my first year in ministry with Asian Access and wanted to share it with you here on the blog. I hope you enjoy catching up on the ministry and learning about the impact the ministry is having.

It’s been quite a year stepping into the role of serving as the president of a mission. Referring to the financial challenges missions face during these rough economic days, one foundation director recently shared with me, “You not only stepped into a role during a time of ministry challenge, but right after you joined... a tsunami hit!”  While that is true, I’m more convinced than ever that God has called me to Asian Access “for such a time as this” as Mordecai told Esther so many years ago.

A friend recently asked me, “have you ever regretted joining this mission given all the challenges you are facing?” The question stunned me. That thought has never once crossed my mind. The Lord called me to serve alongside Asian Access’ missionary families and national partner pastors and I believe He will continue providing for us. Sometimes I don’t have any idea where the funding will come from, but I trust that God is going to provide.

Thanks for your partnership, prayers and support. We appreciate you and I hope you enjoy the attached overview.


For His kingdom,

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Click image to view the PDF report (5MB).  Right-click (cmd-click) to download.


Joe's First Year in Review


Note: If you're reading this post via RSS or Facebook and cannot find the link to the PDF, please click this link to get to the original location of this blog post.

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