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Horse Milk?

10 September 2008 (14:21) | posted by jhandley |

Have you ever had horse's milk? I have...

Bruce Johnson and I had a wonderful trip to Asia recently and while in Mongolia our A2 leadership team took us on a fun little excursion about an hour or so outside of Ulaan Baatar. We entered a Gurt (Yurt for my Kazakh friends) and the hosts offered us a goblet of horse's milk as a special gift. So, each of us in turn, drank from the metal goblet. All I can say is "What an unusual taste!"

Mongolian hospitality is incredible and the spirit of what God is doing is unbelievable (be sure to see the videos from Ariunbold and Chinzorig for more on ministry).

AND, if you haven't tried horse's milk - do try next time you're in town! Once you've made it that far, you've got to try the dehydrated fermented yak's milk. Whoa!!!

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  1. jj wrote on:
    11 September 2008 | 03:46

    Mmmm. Mmmm. Good.

    Joe, thanks for sharing this story from your travels. Sounds delicious! Horse milk would probably go very nicely with the cow brains I ate when I was in Mongolia. Let's compare notes.

  2. Tim Clark wrote on:
    16 September 2008 | 22:07

    Could be worse

    Not that I'm suggesting horse milk sounds good... but there was a special on Jpns TV a couple nights ago about other cultures' interesting customs and one was washing one's hair with the livestock's urine... I can't remember what country that was but I hope to visit. Looking forward to seeing you at the event Oct 7. Tim

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