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A Child Shall Lead Them

6 January 2012 (16:58) | posted by jhandley |

A few weeks ago, as I was calling several churches who gave to Japan's special tsunami relief efforts, one church shared a powerful story. This church's attendance averages around 125 people, yet they ended up being one of the top ten giving churches in America helping us match the $1,000,000 challenge to bring both spiritual and physical hope to Japan.

The pastor of this church shared that this entire movement of giving was led by a young girl who was inspired by the cause. She rallied the church, organized several fund raisers, and inspired the congregation because of her heart for Japan following the March 11th triple disaster.

The work of this young girl inspired me and reminded me of the words of the prophet Isaiah this Christmas: "… And a little child shall lead them", from Isaiah 11:1-10. May we all follow this girl's example, flowing straight from the heart of Jesus himself, to bring hope and healing to the world!

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