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John & Eriko Houlette


John & Eriko Houlette

Serving as
Director, Three Streams Ministries
and Educational Consultant

Bio: John & Eriko Houlette



Eriko grew up in Miyagi, Japan and came to Christ in high school and John was born Upland, CA and saved while attending college in Tokyo. John was called into full-time Christian ministry while interpreting a message from English into Japanese as a short-term missionary in 1979.

John and Eriko were married in 1981, and have four adult children.

The Houlettes were appointed with Asian Access in July, 2013.


Ministry Experience

Prior to joining A2/SIM, the Houlettes served faithfully for thirty years in Japan with WorldVenture. They planted Nishitama Baptist Church in Tachikawa, Saikyo Hope Chapel in Toda and Denen Grace Chapel in Kawasaki where many became Christ followers. All three churches have national pastors. John and Eriko invested in field leadership and collaborated to develop strategy with the Japanese national church.

Since 2011, John has been the director of Three Stream Ministries (TSM) providing clergy care and disaster response chaplaincy training for the church in Japan. After Japan’s triple disaster, he spearheaded WorldVenture’s relief strategy and along with Eriko worked closely with Asian Access to provide Oasis Retreats for pastors.

Eriko has served on the board of directors of the Christian Academy in Japan and at Wheelchairs of Hope.



John graduated from Hawaii Theological Seminary and Fuller Seminary. He is finishing a Doctor of Ministry degree at Bethel Seminary in Congregational and Family Care. Eriko is a graduate of the Sendai Baptist Seminary and Wellesley College. She is completing a master’s degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Human Development and Psychology.


Current and Future Ministry

The Houlettes are currently living in Cambridge, MA until June 2014, to complete their studies, assist in Japanese ministry and visit ministry partners.

Upon their return to Japan they will move to Sendai, a growing metropolis in the center of the earthquake relief zone, where they will partner with Pastor Suzuki and the Sendai Bible Baptist Church for leader development and clergy care.

Eriko also plans to work as an educational resource consultant in the areas of cross-cultural adjustment, language acquisition and local education.



My vision is to nurture a networking culture of pastor-to-pastor care so that clergy become whole, holy and missional.



To access the Houlettes' website, please send John an email message requesting the password. (See contact info in right sidebar.)



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Why A2?

Why are we serving with Asian Access?

We made a mid-career mission agency change, joining A2 in our fifties. We did so because Asian Access champions our desire to finish well with a focus on equipping leaders and providing professional development and pastoral care for its staff.

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To access this website, you will need the password. Send an email to John's address above to request the password. 



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