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Frapper betaAsian Access Alumni Map

       You must CLICK HERE to add yourself to our map!

>> Here is an interactive map where our alumni are located...| powered by Frappr ("Friend Mapper")

A2 Alumni color key

Note: The Frappr map and slide show both require the Flash player to be

installed on your computer, and for best results, a high-speed connection.


1. Beta Version: This is a beta version of Frappr, so it may be a little buggy. Some are experiencing difficulty uploading their photos. Thanks for your perseverence with it.

2. Some links may take you to the Frappr website. For that reason we offer this disclaimer:

Like other "community" websites, Frappr has an inherent weakness (MySpace and blogging sites such as Xanga are other examples). It's almost impossible to regulate what content other people put on their web pages. This is especially a problem on websites which offer the capability to upload pictures. So, we need to ask you to be careful as you visit other pages on the Frappr website as they may contain inappropriate content.

One thing to be aware of is that the "Photos" tab at the top of the Frappr page hosting the Asian Access Alumni Map will take you to a random assortment of photos that other people have uploaded. It does not lead to photos of Asian Access alumni, and may lead to inappropriate content. The "Group Photos" link, though, will take you to a page with uploaded Asian Access alumni photos.

Detailed Instructions

It's adviseable to add a close-up photo of yourself rather than a full-body shot. Crop the photo first, if necessary. High resolution is not necessary, as it makes the page load slowly. Ok, here's how to upload...

Fastest way?

If you only want to add your photo on this map and not take advantage of being a part of the Frappr community, then click this link to go to the Frappr website to add yourself to our map... be sure to upload a photo and type your name!

Best Way in the Long-Run?

If you anticipate adding yourself to other Frappr maps, then:

  1. first sign up for an account with Frappr. Click here to go to the Frappr website and "Sign Up" before adding yourself to our map...
  2. Set up your profile and upload your photo to your profile.
  3. Then come back and add yourself to our map, but be sure to upload a photo and type your name!

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