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New Announcement from Joe Handley

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Doug Birdsall (above, second from left), former president of Asian Access and member of the A2 Board of Directors, also serves on the A2 Vision Council—a group of men and women who help to discern God’s “big picture” vision for the movement. Recently, the Vision Council meeting was scheduled back-to-back with our annual Summit, when Asian Access gathers its national leaders together for spiritual refreshment, vision-casting, and strategic planning. Doug arrived early enough to attend the Summit—and got a very encouraging surprise.

The opening session for the Summit was focused on Working Teams—the small groups of A2 alumni in each country who help the National Director to guide and grow the program. This session was designed to get the movement thinking and working together toward establishing and nurturing strong working teams in every country. 

A2 Summit 2018 doug and meng

The session was led by two of our national leaders—Meng Aun Hour (above left) from Cambodia, and Christopher Uputuri from India. They led a lively, interactive session that included gathering lots of feedback from our leaders—which, as recorder, I dutifully wrote down on a series of whiteboards. 

When the session ended, Doug came up to me, reflecting:

“It’s been a number of years since I’ve been in a gathering like this,” he told me. “I’m sorry to say that in years past, it would have been Westerners leading that session, with our Asian brothers and sisters sitting and listening. What a blessing for a session like that to be led by our national leaders!”

It was a blessing. We are so grateful to God as He continues to empower the more-than-capable men and women who lead the work of Asian Access in their countries—and, more and more, lead the training for our entire movement.

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Noel Becchetti is the editor of Eastern Voices, which underscores Asian Access' value of empowering national leaders across Asia and platforming their voice.

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