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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley

Sometimes the biggest benefits our leaders gain from Asian Access come from one another.

A2 National Director for Cambodia Meng Aun Hour is, like all of our national leaders, a volunteer. Like all of our national leaders, he has a primary ministry. And like all of our national leaders, he actually has several “primary” ministries.  But Meng’s list could make even the most Type-A leader pause for breath. It includes:

  • Pastor of Followers of Jesus Church
  • Executive Director of United Pastors Fellowship, a non-denominational organization bringing pastors together for cooperative outreach
  • Executive Director of United Church of Cambodia, a collaborative non-denominational network of churches throughout Cambodia
  • National Director for A2
  • Board Chair for Helping Hands, a ministry to the poor in Phnom Penh
  • Preaching and teaching at pastor’s conferences and other events
  • And until recently, board member for Theological Education by Extension (TEE)

A2 emphases include development of one’s personal love relationship with God, the building of Christlike character, and learning to balance one’s life through leader training and delegation. But given the tendency of dynamic leaders like Meng to struggle with overcommitment, it is good that another one of A2’s emphases is the building of trusting friendships.

Take Meng and Pastor Thavy (facing camera). Thavy was, with Meng, one of the members of A2’s first batch in Cambodia. “Thavy and I knew each other before A2, but just as acquaintances. After A2, we are close friends.  We have enough trust to speak tough words to one another.” 

How tough?  “When TEE asked me to re-join the board, Thavy spoke hard truth to me about the fact that I am not God. I do not have to do everything and be everyone. It was hard to hear, but he was right.”

Building relationships of trust—where friends and colleagues can speak “tough love” to one another—are hard work, and can be difficult to achieve. But they can be a lifeline, the difference between burnout and a step back toward balance and health. I’m glad that Asian Access provides an arena for leaders like Meng and Thavy to develop, and enjoy, these kinds of life-giving friendships.

Noel Becchetti


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