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New Announcement from Joe Handley

How do you handle fear?

Fear seems to be gripping the world these days. 

Whether it’s terrorist attacks in Paris, San Bernardino or elsewhere OR the global economy, etc.; everywhere I turn fear seems to be a common emotion, topic or theme. In the world of Asian Access, it appears most frequently in those facing oppression, persecution or simply pressure from their government. 

Pastor Meng Aun Hour

What is the antidote to fear?

My colleague, Meng Aun Hour from Cambodia (pictured here), shared recently from John 20:19-23. Perhaps his insight may help you!

  • When his disciples were full of fear, Jesus came and stood among them (v. 19). Meng suggests that when we have fear, we can recognize Jesus’ presence. He is with us!
  • The first words Jesus shares are “Peace be with you.” In fact, he states this not once, but twice (vv. 19, 21). When we are in fear, Jesus is there to proclaim “Peace”!
  • Third, Jesus gives the disciples purpose: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” (v. 21). Once we know Jesus presence and realize his peace, we can focus on our purpose: He has sent us!
  • Then, in verse 22, Jesus gives us his Spirit. He says, “Receive the Holy Spirit” and Meng deftly pointed out that our power comes from the Spirit. As the Father sends us, he also empowers us through his Spirit.
  • Finally, Jesus closes the passage with one of the most powerful actions mankind has ever known: forgiveness. Forgiving others, even those who have wronged us, pressure us, oppress us, and persecute us has immeasurable power. 

When we walk in God’s presence, accept His peace, follow his mission, receive His Spirit and forgive others, we have an amazing recipe to overcome fear.

What have you learned from Jesus in this message? What has Meng elicited from this passage that helps or encourages you? How do you overcome fear?

I’d love to hear from you!

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Joe Handley

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