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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley

Homothumadon: The Way of Unifying Passion


Here are a few brief, but poignant quotes from Dr. Ajith Fernando's tremendous message:

"A genuine Christian is committed to unity, to teamwork, and to mission."
— Ajith Fernando

"Truth is more important than personal honour. Truth is more important than politics within the Church."

"We are committed to Truth and to God's glory. And we strive for unity."

"One of the principles of a happy marriage is that there are no winners in a battle. There are lots of battles, but there are no winners. Winning is when we are united, not when one has won and the other has lost. There are no winners in church fights. Winning is when there is unity."

"Today, very often what happens is, if you don't agree, we are told to find another place. They are told to leave; or they decide to leave. I think we are too spritually lazy to debate—too spiritually lazy to battle. Unity is too important for us to just give up the battle."

Here are some action steps Dr. Fernando outlined for us...

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Ajith Fernando: "The Way of Unifying Passion" [A2|50th Day 2 Keynote]

Listen to his keynote message now... 


Dr. Ajith Fernando highlighting the importance of unity. He led us in an in-depth devotion walking through the New Testament with keen attention on the book of Acts showing the importance of staying united in the development, growth and challenges for the Church.


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