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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley

At Asian Access one of our core goals in our mission is to “unite the Church”. We put it this way, we develop leaders…

to unite the Church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel.” 

Jesus himself highlights the importance of unity in John 17: 

“that they may be one, even as we are one.”

He’s speaking of times when the world will tear us apart and this is his prayer to the Father that we may be unified in the midst of the challenges the world throws our way.

In my lifetime, I can’t think of a more important season for us to display this in our common life. All around the world we see division pulling us further and further apart. And, the Church is not immune. I’ve sure felt it this past year during the election cycle in the United States. Even though I’ve tried to be charitable to those who disagree with me, I’m sure I haven’t done the best job of keeping unity in the body. Lord forgive me and thanks for gracious friends along the way.

cam working teamAt the same time, the world just keeps moving in opposite directions; we are a globe in desperate need for unity. That’s why Asian Access emphasizes the unity of the body and seeks to “unite the Church” in Christ so that she may display the best the kingdom has to offer and the hope of the only one worthy to be praised.

It’s easy to get caught up in believing various political theories or systems or leaders will be the hope of society or take us back to better days. But, everything this side of heaven is flawed and so it’s important for us to stand together in Christ and point to him as the only way. He is the way, the truth and the life!

For Asian Access, this is why none of our sessions, missionary appointments or leadership development focuses exclusively on one movement, denomination or network. We are convinced that only as a united Church can we fully display what Christ is all about.


LIVE Community

To us, it's about living out community together and modeling it to the world. So much so that one of our core values is LIVE Community.

Let’s look toward a new way forward as we step forward from this very divisive year. I’ll continue seeking to do my best and am happy to repent for those times I’ve not displayed this unity as a leader. I hope you’ll join me in obeying Christ in his appeal.

May we, in Him, unite the Church to see leaders and churches multiplied and to see the transforming power of the Gospel influence our world!

To help unite the Church,

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Joe Handley

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