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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley
This fundraising campaign is now closed. We are grateful for every generous donor who contributed toward this matching gift.

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I have great news to share on two fronts!

First, we are so pleased to report that we have reached our recent match grant goal by raising $177,353. Because of friends like you, the $167,000 match is not only met—it was exceeded by $10,353! Combined with the match that means an additional $344,353 is now available to launch new A2 programs in more Asian countries. We are now capable to do much more.

At the same time, opportunities are at our doorstep. In fact, we are making much progress on many ministry fronts. Here are some highlights:

  • Opening of A2/Indonesia leader development in July 2018;
  • Actively exploring the following countries: Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and two more countries;
  • Started our new Pan-Asia Leader Development Program:
    • 10 leaders from 5 countries participating in our first ever multi-national cohort;
  • New work launching in Japan:
    • U30” ministry launched to equip leaders under 30 years old;
    • A2.business, our marketplace venture preparing to start;
    • Preparing for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Summer Olympics;

And this is where capability and opportunity meet. Your generosity has enabled Asian Access to launch these new programs. With the increasing emphasis on giving only to front-line ministry, I applaud your strategic giving to support the training of the few who influence the many.

Everyone in our 13 Asian Access countries thanks you for your faithful generosity. We appreciate you so much. And remember, through your investment, you are Changing the few who change the many!

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Thank You So Much for Blessing Pastors in Asia!

Because of you and many others partnering with A2, the largest match in our history last fall and an unprecedented springtime match have been met and exceeded. A2 is now poised to accelerate programs into the countries I’ve mentioned above. Thank you!

God bless you,

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Joe Handley

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