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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley
This fundraising campaign is now closed. We are grateful for every generous donor who contributed toward this matching gift.

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the entire Asian Access family, I want to thank you for your friendship, partnership and generous support. Over the year-end, as you’ll see in our brief video here, the Lord provided more than $565,000 to help us advance the mission of empowering leaders for mission movements in Asia. You were a key part to seeing nearly $316,000 being sent in to match the $250,000 challenge that was given to us. We praise God for you.

2018 Matching Gift final tally

In this brief video, you’ll see several from our teams: missionaries, national leaders, etc. giving gratitude for your support. Don’t tune out after my sharing. You’ll enjoy seeing the brief thank you videos from our team!

God bless you. You are helping us explore 6 new countries, and make advances in empowering pastors, business leaders, women in ministry, and younger leaders.

Watch this clip on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lNjsPYrAigg 

Today, I thank God for you!

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Joe Handley, President

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