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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley

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How thrilling for me to receive this picture from my friend and colleague Meng Aun Hour today. Meng was updating me on a program he started called the "School of Discipleship".

School of DiscipleshipSeveral years ago, after Asian Access/Cambodia had already duplicated the ministry efforts through the local denominations in country, Meng and his team realized:  "We won't ever reach all the leaders in Cambodia if we only work with the top level leaders through Asian Access." With that in mind, he started the School to empower the next generation leaders.

What a joy for me to see the fruit of Asian Access through this photo: our vision is to see everything we do reproducible, and in Cambodia, we are now seeing it go to the third generation and beyond.

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Meng Aun HourOne of our core themes is MULTIPLY and through Meng and his leadership team in Asian Access/Cambodia we are seeing leaders committed to our third key outcome: Reproducing Disciple-Making Leaders!

Hurray for the School of Discipleship and the profound impact it is having on the nation of Cambodia!

How do you intend to influence the next generation? Do share... We want to learn from one another!

Joe Handley


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