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Asian Access helps believers respond to neighborhood needs

Cambodia (MNN) — It’s rainy season in Southeast Asia, flooding crops and putting livelihoods at risk. Cambodian Christians are responding with the help of Asian Access (A2).

Non-stop rain that began last week continued through the weekend, submerging five provinces. Though some Cambodians were evacuated and resources were stockpiled months ago, others needed immediate help finding food and shelter.

“Because of this flood, Asian Access alumni in that area [are trying] to help, especially the people in their town [and] in their villages… [They are] also helping church members who are affected,” shares Asian Access’ Meng Aun Hour. Rev. Aun Hour oversees all of A2’s work in Cambodia.

“We want [listeners/readers] to stand with us in prayer. Pray for food…and also, a place to stay.”

The current preoccupation of government officials underscores the importance of Cambodian Christians’ response.

“Right now, the government [is] really busy with [the] election…[on] the 29th of this month,” Aun Hour says.

Supporting Cambodian Christians

(Photo courtesy of Asian Access) School of DiscipleshipThe first class of local believers graduated from A2’s pastoral training course in 2005. Inspired by the effectiveness of A2’s two-year training for senior pastors, Aun Hour developed a similar program for church leaders at every level. At the “School of Discipleship,” Cambodian Christians learn how to become better youth ministry leaders, church planters, women’s ministry leaders, etc.

While disaster response isn’t an A2 focus, reaching out to neighbors in crisis is a natural way for Cambodian Christians to “walk the talk” and demonstrate Christ’s compassion.

“Alumni are raising up special funds from their churches to help flood victims,” says Aun Hour. Believers are also supplying food to beleaguered families and helping them find temporary shelter far from the flood zone.

Contact Asian Access if you’d like to support these efforts financially. Most importantly, please remember to cover this situation in prayer.

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