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Our Training Model...

Nurtures a Love
Relationship with God

Creates a Vibrant
Learning Community

Incorporates an
Integrated Curriculum
Utilizes a
Transformational Process


Other Hallmarks...

Focus on

Leaders with Potential

Trained by Seasoned Leaders


Key Church

Leaders Included


What Makes Asian Access Distinctive?

The unique contribution of Asian Access can be understood by a brief description of organizational hallmarks.

Training Model Comparisons

The Asian Access leadership development model is most easily understood by seeing it in comparison to three standard models for training:

  • The Traditional Residential Model, such as a Bible school or seminary can provide a fine caliber of foundational training for a leader. However, it necessitates an extended time away from one's ministry context. It is strongest in the transfer of information, but has limitations in terms of spiritual formation and the development of practical skills for leadership.
  • The Seminar Model is typically strongest in terms of providing new information and inspiration. The weakness of training in this setting is that there is limited capacity for providing ongoing support for the leader's growth, and for the implementation of new ideas.
  • Distance Learning is a useful model to enable leaders to continue to study even though they may not be able to travel to attend a residential college or seminars. Leaders who are highly motivated self-starters benefit most from this type of training. By definition, this model is seldom able to factor in the opportunity for interaction with peers or with a mentor.
  • The Asian Access Model brings together 12 pastors who meet quarterly over a 2-year period and is intensive, in-service, in-country, in community, and ongoing. By virtue of the fact that the selected participants move through the two-year transformational process with a group of 11 other leaders who face very similar challenges, a strong sense of camaraderie develops which motivates the leaders to grow together and to push one another to a higher level of performance. The relationships that develop in the context of this experience often provide a network for ongoing friendship and development long after the program is completed.


Focus on Transformation

Asian Access training focuses on a process of transformation rather than on an event for inspiration. As a result these leaders will have time for instruction, experimentation, reflection, evaluation, and relationship building.

Leaders with Potential Trained by Seasoned Leaders

The training is provided for exceptional emerging leaders by experienced senior leaders who are seasoned practitioners. The participants and trainers alike are carefully selected. It is the conviction of Asian Access that leaders are best developed by leaders, not by theorists alone.

Life-on-Life Mentoring

The training is designed to bring about a process of change that is accompanied by a commitment to implementation. This focus is intended to prevent the training experience from being a mere academic exercise. Central to this process is the life-on-life impact of the mentor on the pastor/leader. This mentoring is guided by the Asian Access national director in partnership with the country resource coordinator, along with the guests faculty who come to lecture and present case studies.

Key Church Leaders Included

Asian Access also involves the key leaders in a church so pastors are not learning in isolation of those they are leading. This endorsement by key church leaders at the beginning of the process increases their sense of ownership of the vision and strategy that is articulated as their pastor/leader moves through the program.

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