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Reiko Goto

Reiko (Goto) Brink

The Story of Reiko Goto

Reiko Goto came to Christ out of a Buddhist family thanks to two Asian Access summer missionaries, Sue and Tracy. Read this brief article written by an InterVarsity staffer about Reiko's funny and poignant testimony at Urbana '96. Then be sure to check out the Real Audio version and hear Reiko for yourself.

Reiko Goto: Chosen for Life

by Amy Carden

December 29, 1996 (as posted on

A winsome and engaging woman stepped up to the podium. Underneath her beautiful, quiet, Japanese exterior one could sense depth and a contagious sense of humor. She began by telling of the pressure she received from her parents to excel in school, get a good job, and find a good looking husband. At that point, she looked up with a glint in her eye, saying, "And I haven't found him yet." Laughter and offers abounded from the audience.

Other pressure in Reiko's life came from trying to patch together from various traditions a religion that would ease the pain and loneliness that she was feeling. She sought relief in Buddhist temples and in buying expensive good luck charms, but commented that it seemed "strange to have to buy protection from things like car accidents and help with my grades." All of this pressure caused her to feel a deep sense of confusion.

At this time, she met two Christian women, Sue and Tracy. They invited Reiko to go to church with them. Her view that Christianity was for "boring people" was dispelled when she realized that they were Christians who loved things like practical jokes, as she did. Hearing the testimonies of Sue and Tracy helped Jesus become real for her. She learned that she didn't need to "pick" her religion because Jesus had already spoken to her, saying, "You did not choose me, but I chose you."

Completing her college application brought Reiko to make a decision for Christ. On the application for Azusa Pacific University, she had to indicate her religion. She felt compelled to consider Jesus as her Lord and Savior and at that time accepted Jesus into her heart. At last, she felt the "peace and acceptance of God."

"Maybe you've heard of a thing called Urbana?" she asked, telling how she came to the convention in 1993. It was there that she learned about the Japanese Christian Student Network that helps Japanese students here in the U.S. find fellowship and helps them retain a vision for returning to their country to be witnesses for Christ. She is currently praying about leading a team of students to Japan this summer on a short-term mission.

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