lee younghoonThe reputation of Asian Access was not built in a day. Over the past fifty years, all the dedicated staffs of Asian Access have greatly contributed to spreading the Christian truth and hope throughout Asia, the largest and the most populous continent where Christian population still remains a minority. I believe that Asian Access, with its clear vision and all its rigorous training and reach-out programs, has been one of God’s most powerful means to transform the continent. I certainly pray and believe that God will continue the good work He started through Asian Access. I appreciate and fully support the ministry of Asian Access.

Rev. Younghoon Lee, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church
Seoul, South Korea

More Information

Senior Pastor of YFGC, Pastor Lee was born in Seoul as the second oldest of four sons and one daughter of the late elder Kyeongsun Lee (1978~1979 President of elders of the church). He attended YFGC’s Sunday school since his childhood.

Rev. Lee majored in Theology at Yonsei University and United Graduate School of Theology Yonsei University. He also graduated from Hansei Theology Seminary and had a master’s degree at Westminster University. He also received a PhD degree on Religion and Philosophy at Temple University in U.S. Along with that he served as the senior pastor at Washington Full Gospel Church, Tokyo Full Gospel church, and LA Full Gospel Church, and as a curate at Department of Human Resources of YFGC. Not only that but he also worked as the President of Tokyo Full Gospel Theology Seminary and Bethesda University, as the director of Full Gospel Educational Research Institute and Institute of Church Growth.

In early 90s when he was the President of Institute of Church Growth, he assisted Pastor Cho with his abundant theological knowledge. When Pastor Cho’s ‘Threefold Blessing’ and Holy Spirit Movement were misunderstood as a cult, he vindicated for him with the theological argument. It is not too much to say that he made Full Gospel Church as one of the main denomination of Korean churches.

Pastor Lee and his wife, Inja Baek (prev. Hansei University Computer Engineering Professor) has the only daughter.

Bio: http://english.fgtv.com/a1/a1_04.asp