charismatic wout vanacker l4HBYkURqvE unsplashCHARISMA includes a strong foundation and a strong set of core values. Charisma is more than just having charismatic personality. It involves strength of character, trustworthiness, and a faithful presence. Charisma is vital to effective polycentric leadership. Whether it be good character, spiritual inspiration, or casting and carrying out vision, charisma is vitally important to leading well.


Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-Fil-A, embodies this theme well. He is constantly inspiring those he leads and the public at large through his regular leadership talks and posts. But, core to this inspiration is the character molded into him through his faith and family,

“Selfless, servant leadership is about action, the bottom line is that what we say and what we believe will only be as effective as what we are also willing to do.”

How can I grow as a charismatic, polycentric leader?

Is your life well-calibrated spiritually, emotionally, physically? Can you up your game and recalibrate so as to inspire those around you? Does your character embody the values you wish your company to live out?

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