Staff and Alumni

The strength of the ministry has always been the quality of the partnerships God has blessed us with -- strong and enduring partnerships with the highest echelon of Christian leaders across the islands of Japan. Additionally, God has brought a community of highly-motivated staff and well-trained missionaries who bring additional strength and creativity to the ministry. This includes nearly 3,000 alumni from North America. You can also find our senior leadership here...


Board of Directors and Council of Reference

The foundation laid by Asian Access' outstanding Board of Directors has made the work of these missionary-national partnerships effective. We are privileged to have excellent boards in the U.S., Canada and Japan. Our Council of Reference endorses what Asian Access is accomplishing in the trenches.


Partnering Organizations and Teaching Faculty

The partnerships that Asian Access has enjoyed with leading churches, mission-minded schools, and generous supporters all across North America has made possible over forty-five years of fruitful ministry, and have brought us to a place of expanded ministry horizons across Asia. Many of our faculty, teaching across Asia, are serving churches, ministries and schools in North America and Asia.


Participants in the A2 Leader Development Program

Finally, the leaders who are participating in our leader development program are a big part of the A2 Community. Find out more about our participants...


In this section: PEOPLE OF ASIAN ACCESS...

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