diverse nathan dumlao pMW4jzELQCw unsplashLeaders who value and recognize DIVERSITY are able to work across regions, networks, and cultures. The diversity of leadership gifts described in Ephesians 4 is paramount. For diversity to be fully employed within a polycentric leadership model, it must represent every facet of diversity represented within a network, movement or society. It is in this diversity of leadership that strong bonds develop which overcome obstacles, create unified momentum, and catalyze ideas toward a better future.


Promod Haque, Senior Managing Partner at Norwest Venture Capital, is highlighted for diversity on many levels. “Thanks to Promod and the team he has built, we’re proud to have offices in San Francisco and New York, as well as subsidiaries in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India and Herzelia, Israel…”[viii] “In venture capital, it’s important to have syndicate partners who are like-minded and also bring multiple perspectives and contacts to the group.“ Promod is noted as highlighting “choosing the right team for the tool.” With this mindset, it becomes easier to see beyond the importance of the product and home in on the critical need for a team made up of individuals who have the strength, expertise, and resilience to carry the business through murky startup waters. If you’re in search of funding, before approaching investors, take note of domain expertise, winning track record, diverse yet complementary skill sets, and constructive criticism and how they relate to your current team.”

How can I grow in diversity as a polycentric leader?

Do you model diversity in your leadership? There is so much talent around you to draw from. We are definitely better together as we lead in industry.

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