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Asian Access Printed Materials  

Printed Materials

Asian Access printed promotional pieces

Asian Access general brochure
General Brochure...

page 4

A2 brochure (p.4)

page 1

A2 brochure (p.1)


4-pg screen (2.15 MB)

4-pg print (10.3 MB)

2-pg Tabloid screen (2.15 MB)

2-pg Tabloid print (24.2 MB)

This four-page brochure provides a good overview of Asian Access.

page 2

A2 brochure (p.2)

page 3

A2 brochure (p.3)


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The Essence of Asian Access
The A2 Essence...


The A2 Essence (front)


The A2 Essence (back)


A2 Essence print (3.1 MB)

This one-sheet, double-sided flyer outlines the Essence of Asian Access in terms of our four desired ministry outcomes, the A2 leadership development model and our ultimate goal for sustainable ministry in each country.

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The Advent Devotional
2010 - O Come Let Us Adore Him

front cover

The Advent Devotional 2010 cover


A2 Advent Devotional screen (1.5 MB)

A2 Advent Devotional print (1.5 MB)

This devotional includes meditations on the Advent Season by many members of the Asian Access community. The screen version is best for viewing on your computer.


Ministry Reports & Updates


The updates below are printed, and thus dated.

Here's where to find the very latest updates online. >

For up-to-the minute updates, check out these sources:

2011 JAPAN Tsunami Relief Report...  


2011 JAPAN Tsunami Relief Report - (3MB)

Published: August 2011

This 4-page report was produced in August 2011, about 5 months after the disaster, in order to update donors on the ministry activity related to the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund.

2010 JAPAN Ministry Year Report...  


2010 JPN Ministry Year Report (front)


2010 JPN Ministry-Year Report (back)


2010 JPN Ministry-Year Report - web (1.7MB)

2010 JPN Ministry-Year Report - print (12.4MB)

Published: September 2010

This 7-page report was produced in September 2010 to update donors for the 2010 fiscal year.

2010 Mid-Year Report...


2010 Mid-Year Report (front)


2008 Mid-Year Update (back)


2010 Mid-Year Report - web (1.9MB)

2010 Mid-Year Report - print (18.6MB)

Published: June 18, 2010

This 10-page report was produced in June 2010 to update donors during the current fiscal year. This report includes updates from five (5) countries.

2010 JAPAN Mid-Year Report...  


2010 JPN Mid-Year Report (front)


2010 JPN Mid-Year Report (back)


2010 JPN Mid-Year Report - web (2.4MB)

2010 JPN Mid-Year Report - print (24MB)

Published: June 18, 2010

This 11-page report was produced in June 2010 to update donors during the current fiscal year. This report includes updates on leadership development, church multiplication, Barnabas coaching ministry in Japan.

2009 Joe's First Year Review...  


2009 Joe's First Year in Review (front)


2009 Joe's First Year in Review (back)


2009 Mid-Year Update (5MB)

Published: July 1, 2009

This 4-page report compiles notes and blog entries from Joe's first year on the job.

2008 Mid-Year Update...


2008 Mid-Year Update (front)


2008 Mid-Year Update (back)


2008 Mid-Year Update (3.6MB)

Published: May 12, 2008

This 16-page report was produced in May 2008 to update donors on the progress halfway through the current fiscal year. This report includes updates from six (6) countries.

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Strategic Plan Summary
 2007 Strategic Plan Summary...


Strategic Summary (front)


Strategic Summary (front)


2007 SPS screen (2.67 MB)


2005 Strategic Plan Summary

2006 SPS print (12.2 MB)

2006 SPS screen (1.55 MB)

2005 Strategic Plan Summary

2005 SPS print (6 MB)

2005 SPS screen (1 MB)

This one-sheet, double-sided flyer is produced each year to summarize our strategic direction for that ministry year. The ministry year runs from October 1 through September 30 of the following calendar year.

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Missionary Program Flyers

Church Planting Associates

 CPA flyer...


CPA flyer - front



CPA print (8.51 MB)

CPA screen (1.13 MB)


 Short-Term Combo flyer...
This flyer contains overviews of 2 programs: j-Teams & EnVision.  


Short-Term 2007 (front)


Short-Term 2007 (back)


Combo print (6.31 MB)

Combo screen (1.03 MB)


 EnVision flyer...


EnVision 2006 (front)


EnVision 2006 (back)


EV print (8.72 MB)

EV screen (659 kb)


2005 EV print (7.69 MB)

2004 EV print


 j-Teams flyer...




j-Teams print version

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"The Bridge" Alumni/Gatekeeper Newsletter
  "The Bridge" past issues

Dec 2003

June 2004


No recent editions available


The Bridge newsletter

Bridge Oct 2004

Bridge Jun 2004

Bridge Dec 2003

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DVD Packaging
  J-Scape: Missionary Life in Japan...

DVD Sleeve


J-scape DVD sleeve

  J-Scape: Missionary Life in Japan...

DVD Face Art


J-scape DVD face art

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Print Advertisements

Name Recognition Ads

  Mission Maker Magazine ads...

2007 Advertisement

A2 ad - Missions Maker Magazine '07


 Mission Maker 2007 ad
A2 Missions Opportunities

This ad was directed at potential missionary applicants, as the magazine will be distributed to all 25,000 Urbana '06 delegates, in addition to its regular circulation channels.

2006 Advertisement

A2 ad - Missions Maker Magazine '07


 Mission Maker 2006 ad
shepherds to lead a movement

This ad was directed at developing more name recognition than toward potential missionary applicants. We wanted to provide exposure to our new name and expanded ministry focus.

Evangelical Missions Quarterly ("EMQ")

A2|40th Anniversary ad

April & October 2007

A2|40th Anniversary ad for EMQ '07

Missions:Redefined documentary ad

January & July 2007



A2|40th Anniversary EMQ ad

"Missions:Redefined" EMQ ad

EMQ is read by missions professors and missions pastors. The first ad was directed at increasing name recognition for Asian Access, as well as our 40th anniversary. The second ad promoted our MISSIONS:REDEFINED documentary for use in missions classes and churches.

EMIS Missions Handbook

A2|40th Anniversary ad


A2|40th Anniversary ad for EMIS handbook 2006-09


A2|40th Anniv. EMIS 2007-'10 ad

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

Asian Access ad

Lausanne Forum handbook, October 2004, Thailand

A2 Lausanne Forum 2004 handbook ad


Lausanne Forum handbook ad

The Lausanne Movement is the foremost global missions movement. The Lausanne Forum was held in Thailand in October 2004 and hosted 4,200 delegates. Asian Access was a sponsor of the Lausanne Forum. This ad was aimed at increasing name recognition for Asian Access, as clarifying our role in leadership development in Asia.

  "LIFE Ministries" > "Asian Access" name-change ads...

Asian Access name-change ad

Japan Harvest 2003

name-change ad

JEMA Directory 2004


Japan Harvest, 12/03

2004 JEMA Directory

Asian Access was known in Japan as LIFE Ministries until 2003. These ads were targeted to reach the greater missions communitry in Japan. Japan Harvest is a magazine published by JEMA, Japan Evangelical Missionary Association.

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