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Financial Documents

Downloads of Asian Access EFT forms, financial audits and 990s


Here are the most commonly requested financial documents from Asian Access.

 — Documents — 
Options for Giving 501(c)(3) Documents
MS Word Electronic Funds X'fer PDF 1965 Letter
PDF Electronic Funds X'fer PDF 1995 Letter
money dollarGive online PDF 2003 Letter
money dollarMore options  


 — Financial Audit Reports & Tax Forms —
zxzx Audit Reports IRS Tax Form 990s *
PDF  2021 Audit PDF  2021 - Form 990 *
PDF  2020 Audit PDF  2020 - Form 990 *
PDF  2019 Audit PDF  2019 - Form 990 *
PDF  2018 Audit PDF  2018 - Form 990 *
PDF  2017 Audit PDF  2017 - Form 990 *
PDF  2016 Audit PDF  2016 - Form 990 *
PDF  2015 Audit
PDF  2015 - Form 990 *
PDF  2014 Audit PDF  2014 - Form 990 *
PDF  2013 Audit PDF  2013 - Form 990 *
PDF  2012 Audit PDF  2012 - Form 990 *
PDF  2011 Audit PDF  2011 - Form 990 *
PDF  2010 Audit PDF  2010 - Form 990 *
PDF  2009 Audit PDF  2009 - Form 990 *
PDF  2008 Audit PDF  2008 - Form 990 *
PDF  2007 Audit PDF  2007 - Form 990 *
PDF  2006 Audit PDF  2006 - Form 990 *
PDF  2005 Audit PDF  2005 - Form 990 *
PDF  2004 Audit PDF  2004 - Form 990 *
PDF  2003 Audit PDF  2003 - Form 990 *

* Notes:

  1. FORM 990: The IRS Tax Form 990s will have the previous year listed on the front page because the Asian Access fiscal year starts October 1. For example, our 2021 Form 990 will say "2020" on the tax year.
  2. Adobe Reader is a free download for all platforms and is required to view these documents.

Get Adobe Reader

Investment Information

Tax-Exempt Status

501(c)(3) Documents

Current Tax-Exempt Letter

  • 2003 Name Revision Letter 7/2003 [ PDF only ]

Previous Tax-Exempt Status Records

  • Original 1965 Letter [ HTML | PDF ]
  • 1995 Name Revision Letter [ HTML | PDF ]

(click on each image to see full-size documents):


1965 IRS Letter  501(c)(3) - 1965 IRS Letter

1995 IRS Letter 501(c)(3) - 1995 IRS Letter


Helpful Notes:

A. VIEW: To see the document within the main frame of your browser, click the appropriate PDF or Word icon once and wait for the document to load.

B. DOWNLOAD: To download the file(s) onto your hard drive:

  • Windows: right click on link and select "Save Link As..." or something similar.
  • Macintosh: Ctrl-click link and select "Save Link to Disk" or something similar.

C. All of these forms require either:

  • Microsoft Word: available for purchase from Microsoft; or...
  • PDF Adobe Reader: a free download for all platforms.
    • Get Adobe Reader here if you don't have it already:

Get Adobe Reader

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