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There are many Asian Access projects where your gift can make a huge difference. Here are a few of the most recent ones... 


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Coming alongside disciplemaking leaders in the Middle East

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Developing leaders in the Middle East & North Africa

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Developing Leaders Under Persecution and Pandemic – Every dollar given will be matched!

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Help bring compassionate relief to those who experience disasters around the globe, delivered through local churches.

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Developing Leaders During A Crisis – Every dollar given will be matched!

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Invest in The Last Mile Initiative to bring leader development, discipleship, and church planting to the Middle East and North Africa.

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$200,000 matching gift will help Asian Access provide secure online tools for persecuted leaders.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

Help to meet needs around the A2 Community due to significant coronavirus challenges.


This is Asian Access' priority fund to meet the most important needs in the mission.


Help equip leaders with vision, character and competence to effectively lead the Church across Asia.


Help Asian Access train leaders with an emphasis on multiplying reproducible churches.

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Nozomi Project

Nozomi Project has expanded vision for Cambodia now toward helping to lift the lives of at-risk women in this nation. There are two ways to help:

  1. GIVE Now: You can give toward Nozomi Project.
  2. SHOP Now: And you can also purchase some fine jewelry, which benefits those women who are crafting these pieces.

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Help Asian Access expand its leader development work across Asia.

Asian Access is currently exploring 5-7 new countries, not including new regions in existing countries, to expand our leader development model. This fund is used to explore and launch in new countries and regions.



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