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Last week, the Asian Access family gathered for a rich community experience. We were in Jakarta, Indonesia for our Global Leaders’ Summit. What a fantastic week we had together. It was one of my all-time favorite summits!

What made it so special? - COMMUNITY! 

This is one of our three core values at Asian Access: We LIVE Community! You can learn more about our values here: Asian Access' Core Values.

LIVE Community

As we gathered together, we prayed and took a collection to help our persecuted friends in Bangladesh… Read their stories here:

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Some people in our community are turned backward because they need to be anonmyous. But we stand with these friends; they are members of our community.

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At our summit, we prayed for our brothers from Bangladesh as they shared how they will come around the family who has lost their husband (the pastor) and how they have been a witness to Christ in the midst of the suffering. Their video stories will be posted later which you won’t want to miss… Stay tuned!

This wasn’t all we did together though. We spent time playing together—soccer, volleyball, plus racing across a ropes course and doing a zip line. It was a ton of fun, though the humidity was intense to say the least.

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One of our colleagues from China, we’ll call "John" to protect his identity shared how he never takes breaks like this, preferring to study and be in isolation most of the time. This experience really profoundly impacted him as he enjoyed being with brothers from all over Asia.

We also spent rich times in the Word of God which I’m sure several of us may blog about later. C.B. Samuel, who serves on our Reference Council in India took us deep into our core values:

  1. ALL In with God,
  2. LIVE Community, and
  3. Accelerate Kingdom Leaders.

Wow, these sessions were nothing short of astounding and everyone enjoyed the interaction times we had following his sharing. We were able to process in smaller groups what God was teaching us and I particularly found the session on Community impacting. Others preferred the other sessions which was a sign of how deeply moving our time with C.B. proved to be. I found the sharing on Living Community so profound that I was sharing his insights over twitter throughout his presentation.

Here are several quotes I posted:

  • Jesus was walking with his disciples. That was his curriculum! — C.B. Samuel
  • How will my country look if the kingdom of God were active here? — C.B. Samuel
  • The church will have to go through major restructuring in order for us to embody the kingdom of God! — C.B. Samuel
  • How do we re-package church and ministry so that none of the leaders can be excused from the process of discipling? C.B. Samuel
  • A kingdom leader is he who lives the life of the kingdom, they don’t just teach the kingdom! — C.B. Samuel
  • Is your church full of people who want God’s kingdom in your country? — C.B. Samuel
  • When you follow Jesus, he changes the way you look at the world! — C.B. Samuel 
  • When the church becomes a community, then the church will be the church! — C.B. Samuel
  • If you are a pastor, you are like an artist. You are going to show the beauty of God! — C.B. Samuel
  • We need to shake up pastors to say you are not a CEO, you are a shepherd to create community! — C.B. Samuel
  • My prayer for #AsianAccess is that: When we train leaders, we will train people who lead communities! [Not programs or events] — C.B. Samuel
  • The apostle Paul would be confused w/ the statement, “I’m going to church on Sunday morning." — C.B. Samuel

Talk about rich wisdom!

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As you can see, at Asian Access we strive to truly LIVE Community! We’re not perfect. We have our flaws for sure. But we seek to embody the kingdom through building capacity of kingdom leaders in such a way that we truly we be community together. As we walk deeply with Jesus “All in with God”, and seek to “LIVE Community”, we believe kingdom leaders will be enhanced “Accelerated Kingdom Leaders”. In this greater ecosystem, Jesus brings transformation: transformation of our lives, our marriages, our families, our churches, our communities and our nations!

How do you practice this kingdom value? LIVE Community… We’d like to learn from you!

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