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"Can you show me the A2 teaching manual?"

People often ask those of us in Asian Access what we specifically teach in our program. Potential participants want to discover what they'll study. Potential donors want to evaluate the content of our curriculum. Some have actually asked me if they can take a look at our teaching manuals to find out the content we deliver.

The fact of the matter is that Asian Access doesn't have a teaching manual, per se. We don't hire teachers who merely use our teaching notes and teach from our written curriculum.


A Living Curriculum: Strategic Leaders as Faculty

A2 Leader Development ModelAsian Access has a list of 14 topics that we deem fairly essential. These are strategic areas of leadership that our participants address in their learning communities, covering them over the course of our two-year program.

Instead of a written curriculum, it's a living curiculum. Faculty members are people who passionately live out one or more of those areas. A faculty member practices a particular principle, and it's often his or her life message and passion. They live and breathe evangelism or multiplying disciples or world mission. One reason is that these strategic areas are caught more than they are taught. These life practioners, through their stories of successes and failures, inspire participants to incorporate these areas of leadership into their lives, families, and ministries.

Life stories and case studies are shared to distill principles, not formulas for success. Contexts of the cohorts are often different than those of the facilitators. So principles, adapted to the context, are far more helpful than simply repeating action steps or following formulas. Actually delivering these truths cannot be done by teaching the same set of curriculum notes to participants across a dozen different countries in Asia. So it's the learning community that helps participants figure out how to adapt these principles to their context.

Furthermore, these 14 strategic areas of leadership are not isolated from one another, but integrated holistically over time. 


An Integrated Curriculum: Strategic Areas of Leadership

In the coming days, we will share more about our integrated curriculum, which are grouped into four broader categories:



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Rather than showing you the A2 teaching manual, we would much rather show you the lives of the A2 graduates. We believe this is a far more powerful testimony of effectiveness. By developing the right leaders though the right two-year transformational process at the right time, we are changing the few, who change the many.


Jeff Johnston


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