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Who We Are

WE ENVISION > Community Movements

A vibrant community accelerating Christ-centered movements around the world.


WHAT WE DO > Inspire Influencers

We equip and unify visionary Christ-centered leaders to influence Spirit-led change.


OUR WHY > Sustained Change

Because we believe a Christlike leader, fueled by God's Spirit and supported in community can change a nation.



The need for leader development for the church in Asia—where 85% of the world's unbelievers live—is widely recognized as a challenge of paramount importance. The ability of the church to respond to obstacles and opportunities is directly proportional to the vision and the strength of its leadership. Because we are faced with such a vast population, identifying and targeting key "influencers" is equally tantamount.

Importance of Leadership

"Everything rises and falls
on leadership."
— Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard


DEVELOP whiteIdentifying, Developing & Releasing the Right Leaders

Asian Access identifies, develops and releases the top caliber of leadership in an arena that is home to more than 3.3 billion people or roughly 60% of the world's population. We want to give these key pastors/leaders access to the best training available through an extraordinary faculty of experienced church leaders and leadership development specialists from across Asia and North America. We create dynamic, total learning environments that are in-country, in-service, in-community, intensive, and ongoing. Asian Access is also committed to helping them develop tools, tactics, resources, and strategies for equipping the churches and movements they lead.

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MULTIPLY whiteLeaders who Multiply Other Leaders and Congregations

Despite the varied leadership landscape across Asia, God is working through Asian Access to prepare key young pastors who will lead His Church on this massive continent. The task seems huge. Yet we focus on developing a select group of emerging church leaders who will be trained and "resourced" to reproduce themselves through a multiplication movement of leaders and congregations. Though there is considerable work going on at the grassroots level, there is a distinct need for training a cadre of leaders at a high level.

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TRANSFORM redCreating an Enviroment for Transformation

Asian Access fosters an environment of space, a posture of listening and a learning community that together allow the Holy Spirit to do a transforming work in the hearts of participants. The resulting changes in the leaders enable them to lead themselves, their families, their churches, and their businesses in a different way. When God gets a hold of a leader, his or her world is often never the same. God brings justice, mercy, love, compassion and transformation.

Moreover, when God connects a dozen changed leaders together into a vibrant community with each other, His kingdom can be extended in exponential ways. We are humbly surprised to see communities, cities, and even entire countries transformed through these changed leaders. Glory to God! It's happening often enough that we are no longer surprised at what God can do.

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Country Profiles

asia map iconObviously, the geographical scope of Asian Access is in Asia. We trust that you will want to find out more about the countries in Asia. There are 20+ countries profiled.

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