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The Maclellan Foundation has just extended a new matching challenge grant — $120,000 — to Asian Access for the largest country in East Asia. Your gifts will be doubled to train a generation of leaders!

The need for leadership in different spheres across this country is immense, as noted by a leading Asia specialist:

bf-200"I heartily endorse Asian Access as you are filling a vital need in the church in Asia. The emerging urban church leadership is dynamic yet fragile. They have no older generation of pastors to look up to. Asian Access' proven mentoring approach builds communities of leaders, providing needed accountability and encouragement while developing personal character and ministry skills."

Dr. Brent Fulton


Explosive Growth in the Church

This country experienced explosive growth in the Church after a horrendous tragedy in 1989. This growth occurred despite an era of sporadic and sometimes intense pressure and persecution. In particular, the development of the urban house church movement flourished. Most knowledgeable estimates agreed that over 100 million believers live in this country!


Healthy Leadership Required to Move Ahead

Millions of pastors and kingdom leaders are now maturing in their faith. They are hungry for their own discipleship, development as leaders, and to see the Church rise again to a place of healthy growth. The Church in this country also has a long-held vision to become a sending nation to contribute toward the task of world evangelization. In order to do this—to shape a healthy church, to make mature disciples, and to thrust out laborers into the harvest field—the development of solid, healthy pastors and business leaders are crucial.

Meeting these needs is where Asian Access’ unique small-group, learning-community model has proved transformational—not just in the ministry lives of pastors and Kingdom leaders, but in their personal lives as well.

Wang Ping (not his real name) is Asian Access’ senior leader in this country.  Several years ago, his relationship with his wife Zhi (not her real name) came under tremendous strain during a time of government pressure and persecution.  It looked like there was no hope for their marriage.  But through Wang Ping’s commitment to walk the path of discipleship he learned through Asian Access, combined with the unwavering support of his brothers in the A2 Alumni Network, their relationship was restored.  Wang Ping puts it bluntly:  “Asian Access saved my marriage.”


Develop. Multiply. Transform.

Developing leaders like these—pastors and Kingdom leaders who are empowered to become agents of transformation in their homes, communities, and countries—is Asian Access’ distinct specialty. And that’s precisely why the Maclellan Foundation offered us the grant:

daryl-heald“I know that Asian Access has a proven track record in this limited access country. Through this leadership training expansion project, I know their impact will multiply. Pastors will not only experience a greater love relationship with God and growth as Christ-like leaders, but will also reproduce themselves and plant additional multiplying churches. I’m especially eager to see this work grow into the marketplace sector and this project will help them move this forward. It's an easy decision for me to wholeheartedly endorse this project with no reservations.”

Mr. Daryl Heald
Director of Generosity, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

Your gift, once doubled, will help Asian Access accelerate work by accomplishing the following:

  1. Accelerate number of leaders trained! We can expand from one cohort per year in country to over four cohorts this next year, allowing leaders to be equipped from several different regions!
  2. Accelerate our work with Women in Ministry (WIM) in this country. This grant will also enable WIM leaders from this country to expand their work with women leaders into other Asian Access countries.
  3. Launch the A2/Business initiative in East Asia. CEO’s are hungry for Christian leadership training that helps them leverage their talents and capacity for missional impact.

dr-peter-zhao-xiaoJoe, this is exactly what [Asia] needs today: an Asian Access for marketplace leaders!

Dr. Peter Zhao
renowned economist in East Asia

Thank you for your support as we accelerate this work in East Asia. Your prayers and financial support are critical for the advancement of leader development in this part of the world. And it will pay spiritual and eternal dividends in the coming years.


Double your gift now!

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ramesh richard“Untrained and isolated pastors faithfully minister where Christ's Church is numerically growing. Church health, unfortunately, is not keeping up with church growth. I believe strengthening pastors stands at the epitome of missions strategy today. Asian Access strategically and effectively equips pastoral leaders in needy regions so churches can grow to be spiritually healthy. I am honored to serve on their reference council.”

Dr. Ramesh Richard
President, Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health, RREACH
Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary
Founder, Trainers of Pastors International Coalition [TOPIC]


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