Japan Disaster

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Epicenter near Kumamoto, Japan (graphic courtesy BBC)Japan (MNN) — Over 500 aftershocks have followed two major earthquakes near the Japanese city Kumamoto since last Thursday.

“The continuous earthquake is making the situation worse and…rescue work has been delayed,” Asian Access’s Takeshi Takazawa says. “So it’s fighting with the time because [the] first earthquake has happened the fourteenth and it’s been more than three, four days has passed. So it’s getting difficult.”

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Earthquakes Rock SW Japan: Asian Access Provides Relief

Epicenter near Kumamoto, Japan (graphic courtesy BBC)Japan was shaken once again with two devastating earthquakes in Kyushu, Japan: More than 250,000 people are homeless; At least 41 have died; And dozens more are feared trapped under the rubble; At least 2000 people were treated for injuries, 200 are in serious condition. It’s a race against time to try to rescue them says Prime Minister Abe. See the latest BBC report here...

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kat mcdowell website screenshotI met some new friends recently, Masaki and Kat. My wife and I enjoyed a good bowl of ramen with this great couple a few days ago, along with mutual friends, who have been trying to introduce us for a very long time. The ramen was good, but the new friendships are even better. As we talked about our lives and love for Japan, we realized that Kat McDowell is a tremendously talented musical artist, based in Los Angeles, but with a global reach. The former Sony label artist has now launched her own indie label and can be found at...

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Asian Access missionaries recount the early days following the Great Japan Disaster and share how it's been an amazing privilege to journey with the Japanese as they rebuild their lives over the past five years.

TOHOKU, JAPAN (A2) — In the months following the disaster, missionary Sue Takamoto asked a community leader, “So how many funerals have you been to?” ...

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jpn nepal team 07 smSilk and I were talking about the earthquake in Nepal. She shared on video the story that Japan recently sent a team to minister to the people in Nepal, because of course, Japan knows exactly what it feels like to experience a major disaster with their earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown a few years ago. So a team went there from Japan. They were they were literally the hands and feet of Jesus. They were helping to clear out a park area, so that the children can play again. So what a blessing it was that our brothers and sisters in Japan came alongside to minister to those in...

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jpn nepal team 02 sm"If you give the driver chocolate, he will drive you wherever you need to go."This joke didn't actually come from our taxi driver, but from a successful pastor who has been a part of planting over 300 churches, starting multiple children's homes, and having a voice in the creation of Nepal’s new constitution that will protect religious freedom of minority groups. Last week I had the privilege of serving alongside this pastor and his colleagues with three of my Japanese friends...

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(Screen capture courtesy TV Tokyo)Japan (MNN) -- Japan is coping with a one-two Tropical Storm punch. On the heels of a record heatwave came Typhoon Goni. A couple of weeks later, it was Tropical Storm 18, or Etau. The resulting floods triggered landslides, but they also triggered bad memories, says Asian Access Asia Director of Development, Sterling Miller“More traumatically, f...

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Just 10 days after the devastating tsunami and earthquake of March 11, 2011, Pastor Itoh and the Christians from Izumi Gospel Chapel in Sendai began responding to the needs around them. God led them to a neighborhood in Higashi Matsushima, (one hour away) that hadn't been receiving food and supplies. That relationship has continued to grow.  Seven months later they began leasing a tsunami flooded building which they restored, providing a much needed community meeting place. Since 2012 Asian Access has been partnering with this ministry through the teamwork of Pastor Itoh and the Boehme family.

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