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Bob Moffitt

Asian Access Leaders Put Their Faith to Work (Literally)

“Making disciples means making servants. That is what Bob Moffitt shared. Just like Jesus, disciples are called to serve. How? By loving and helping their neighbors. And Bob emphasized that service was not just words…it means action.”

Our National Director was sharing about the A2 session that had just been held in their country. (For security purposes, we will not reveal the location, or our leader’s identity.) Bob Moffitt, the faculty for this session, was teaching on how Christ followers can make a difference in their communities as a practical expression of their witness.

“One evening at the session, we brainstormed how we could be of practical benefit to our neighbors and neighborhoods. As we talked, one of our leaders sat up. ‘What is one of the most chronic everyday problems in our country?’ he asked us. ‘Potholes! Our roads are terrible. Potholes are everywhere. Every day, motorbike drivers and bicyclists are injured by potholes hidden under water or debris. Even pedestrians are at risk.  When we return to our home communities, why don’t we take on repairing our roads?’”

“We were all struck with the beauty and simplicity of his idea,” our National Director continued. We decided, ‘Why not?’”

These leaders returned home, committed to reaching out to their neighbors through road repair. But how to do it? “Our leaders make very little income, and come from poor communities,” our National Director said. “They don’t have the money or resources to initiate project like this. But they were determined to find ways to make it happen.”

One pastor who runs a children’s home scraped up the money to hire a truck, a load of gravel, and shovels. “He and his children went out and filled the potholes in their area,” our National Director told us. “Their neighbors were so impressed, they came out with food and drinks to thank them for their work! It was a great opportunity to make connections with their neighbors and begin to share Christ with them.”

pothole 2pothole 1

And our National Director?

“There is a small guest cottage on our compound. I tore down the back wall of the cottage and used the rubble to fill in the potholes on the main road that runs by our home (see photos). Our neighbors were very appreciative! It was a wonderful chance to continue to build the relationships we have developed with our neighbors over the years, and to demonstrate Christ’s love in a tangible way.”

At Asian Access, we believe that effective curriculum is content that has practical application. Bob Moffitt’s teaching is a perfect example of this. And the leaders in our country took that practical application right down to street level—literally.

Noel Becchetti


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