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Asian Access utilizes an interwoven curriculum that focuses on fourteen strategic areas of leadership and church health. These strategic areas are covered in a variety of ways depending on the needs and situation of the participants and on the availability of faculty.

There are four categories covered:

  1. Developing the Leader
  2. Reproducing Other Leaders
  3. Multiplying Churches
  4. Expanding the Kingdom


1. Developing the Leader

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A2 topic1 Philosophy 400x400— TOPIC 1 —

Purpose, Vision and Philosophy of Ministry

Laying a personal ministry foundation

Vision is given by God, but is based on values and purpose. Together these form a church’s Philosophy of Ministry upon which strategy and goals are based.

Through this teaching module, leaders:

  • Clearly identify, in writing, their core values and purpose.
  • Clarify their vision.
  • Formulate a practical strategy and plan with realistic goals to fulfill that vision.
  • Grow in their understanding of the Church and of God’s purposes for it.
  • Be inspired in their faith to believe God to work in and through their church.


A2 topic2 LeaderFormation 400x400— TOPIC 2 —

Leader Formation

Understanding how God calls, equips and shapes a leader

God works in the lives of people to make them into leaders He can use. Understanding how God forms leaders provides participants with vital perspective on their lives and ministries.

Through this teaching module, leaders:

  • Understand their unique shape and gift-mix.
  • Understand God’s sovereign work in their lives to make them godly leaders.
  • Gain long-term perspective on their lives and ministries.
  • Grasp basic principles of leadership.
  • Develop a learner’s attitude.


A2 topic3 Worship 400x400— TOPIC 3 —

Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Developing a lifestyle and a ministry of exalting God

God seeks for people who will worship him in spirit and in truth. Worship is an important part of church life. It is also a vital part of relationship with God.

Through this teaching module, leaders:

  • Gain a renewed heart for worshiping God.
  • Understand meaning and importance of worship.
  • Learn how to make worship a priority.
  • Develop culturally-relevant and Biblically-viable forms of worship.
  • Lead the church to worship God in spirit and in truth.


A2 topic4 MarriageFamily 400x400— TOPIC 4 —

Marriage & Family

Transforming the personal life of the leader

Pastoral ministry puts severe pressure on marriages and families. In this module, husband-and-wife faculty teams help leaders to understand God’s life priorities:  The Lord first, family second, then ministry.

A unique feature of this sessions is that spouses and children are invited to attend. The session becomes a mini family-camp; in addition to solid teaching and rich fellowship, it provides much-needed rest and refreshment for tired ministry families.

Through this teaching module, leaders and their spouses:

  • Better understand God’s life priorities for leaders (and for all believers).
  • Learn how to handle the unrealistic expectations of others.
  • Get practical guidance and tips from an experienced ministry couple who have learned to navigate the challenges of balancing ministry with marriage and family life.

Asian Access is a vibrant community that develops leaders.

God shapes us over a lifetime; we sharpen each other. By developing the right leaders though the right two-year transformational process at the right time, we are changing the few, who change the many.


Jeff Johnston


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