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Asian Access utilizes an interwoven curriculum that focuses on fourteen strategic areas of leadership and church health. These strategic areas are covered in a variety of ways depending on the needs and situation of the participants and on the availability of faculty.

There are four categories of topics covered in the A2 Leader Development Model:

  1. Developing the Leader
  2. Reproducing Other Leaders
  3. Multiplying Churches
  4. Expanding the Kingdom


2. Reproducing Other Leaders

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A2 topic5 DevelopingLeaders 400x400— TOPIC 5 —

Training and Developing Leaders

Selecting and developing others to lead with you

Developing leaders is one of the main tasks of the pastor. His job is to equip the people so that they can do the work of the ministry, grow the church, and impact their communities for Christ.

Through this teaching module, leaders:

  • Learn basic principles of developing leaders.
  • Gain vision, passion and practical skills for developing leaders in their churches.
  • Form a practical plan for training leaders in their church.
  • Empower those they have trained and release them to do ministry.

A2 topic6 Disciplemaking 400x400— TOPIC 6 —

Disciple Making

Emulating Jesus’ method of reproducing disciples

Jesus told us to make disciples. Virtually every component of a healthy church depends on making true disciples.

Through this teaching module, leaders:

  • Understand that making disciples is the primary task of the church.
  • Learn that a commitment to making disciples must become a major focus of ministry.
  • Define, in writing, what they mean by “disciple.”
  • Understand the basic elements and dynamics of making disciples.
  • Develop and implement a plan to make disciples in their church.

A2 topic7 SpiritualGifts 400x400— TOPIC 7 —

Spiritual Gifts

Unleashing others to serve effectively

People ministering out of their spiritual gifts is a key to a healthy, vibrant church.

Through this teaching module, leaders:

  • Develop a Biblical understanding of spiritual gifts.
  • Understand the relationship of spiritual gifts and church growth.
  • Learn how to help people to discover, develop and use their spiritual gifts.

Asian Access sustains change by identifying, developing and releasing the right leaders at the right time through the right process. By helping leaders thrive, we are changing the few, who change the many.


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