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Discipling Is For Everyone

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Father Son metaphor sm

Father Son metaphor2 sm

Using the Father-Son metaphor found in Scripture, here are a few brief, but poignant quotes from Dr. Ajith Fernando's challenging message:

  • "People are discipled into the body. Many models of discipling are very individualistic. But children are born into a family. So when they are discipled, they are discipled into a family, into the context of a family. So while discipling is individual, it is not individualistic. The disciple cannot be separated from the body of Christ."

People are discipled into the body

  • "If the people we disciple were only discipled by us, they would grow up to be stunted in their growth. We need others to influence them. So we are not exclusive disciplers. I think of five people who were my disciplers. And they were all very different at different times. So the growth passages of the Bible are plural; people grow together."
  • "The most important thing we do in discipling our people is to pray for them."
  • "The balanced life is our cross. So where is the time for discipling? Well, we find time for what is important."
  • "Discipling is a battle for the souls of people. That's a battle we wage. We do this through prayer, through confrontation, through teaching, through meeting, and whatever."
  • "Discipling is costly. Today, leaders are not willing to pay the price."
  • "If you want to disciple, get ready for inconvenience. Battles always bruise... but we do it with the energy that God supplies."


Dr. Fernando's Prayer for Us

"How easy, our Father, it is for us to allow numerous challenges take us away from the most important work we have to do. How we neglect our time with you! And how we neglect our time with people! O God, we pray that you would give us the grace to do fashion our schedules that you have the first place and your agenda is the thing that drives our lives. We ask in Jesus's Name. Amen."


Ajith Fernando: "The Way of Spiritual Parenthood" [A2|50th Day 3 Keynote]

Listen to his keynote message now... 

Dr. Ajith Fernando highlighting the importance of discipling people. He led us in an in-depth devotion walking through the New Testament with keen attention on the the need for everyone to be discipled and to disciple others.


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