Asian Access has released a series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words.

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Freeing Bible Teaching from the Bonds of Culture

Here are three brief video clips based on his chapter in Eastern Voices, Vol. 1 — “Bringing the Bible Back to Life” (chp 7)...


(1) Why we lack good Bible teachers (2:15)

Why can Bible teaching in countries like Bangladesh be so dry and unappealing? Peter Mazumder shares why so many Bible college graduates in Bangladesh begin their ministries unmotivated, as well as unequipped, to teach the Bible with life and power. (

(2) Bringing the Bible Back to Life (3:52)

Finding Bible teachers in Bangladesh who can bring the Word with power, life, and practical application is a huge challenge. Why is Bible teaching so ineffective, even boring, in Bangladesh? Peter Mazumder shares some thoughts on how this problem has developed and offers an alternative approach that could revolutionize Bible teaching in his country. (

The Word of God is Powerful (2:02)

Is there hope for Bible teaching in Bangladesh? Yes, says Peter Mazumder—as each believer understands the power of God's Word for their life, is equipped to learn how to understand and apply the Bible for their life, and how to share their skills with other believers, person by person. (


mazumder peterAbout Peter

PETER DEBAKAR MAZUMDER serves as national director of Bible Students Fellowship in Bangladesh as well as co-national director of Asian Access Bangladesh. He lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh with his wife Sylvia and their daughters Parmina and Joanna.




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Eastern Voices Volume 1 is compilation of 14 stories from 15 different Asian authors. The book is available in paperback and in digital (ePub) format. It can be purchased through Amazon and other book resellers. Order your copy of Volume 1 today!



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