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Hi, this is Mary Jo Wilson with Asian Access, and I just wanted to give you a quick update. This week we're in Warsaw and you're wondering, "What's Asian Access doing in Poland?".

MjW blue shirt from waist 2020We're here learning more about the Persecuted Church and things that we can do to help our partners in Asia. They've asked for more assistance, more understanding, and more resources for dealing with persecution—things that they're experiencing in their local setting.

And this is an amazing time to be here in Poland and we've had conversations with people coming—church leaders who have been in Ukraine. It's just an amazing time to be here and also thinking about the topic of persecution and how God is with us and with the suffering church.

And so we appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we continue to serve our partners.

God bless you,

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Mary Jo Wilson

MjW Headshot on tree 2020Mary Jo Wilson was in Japan with Asian Access for 20 years, partnering with local leaders in church planting and developing new workers for cross-cultural ministry. Now, as VP for Missional Engagement, she serves our strategic partnership with SIM and continues to support the work of multiplying churches and developing leaders in Japan and Asia.


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Image credit: Warsaw skyline at night by Kamil Gliwiński on Unsplash