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Sareeta Thapa

A person of true Kingdom impact has left this earth for her heavenly reward.

Sareeta & Sundar ThapaSareeta Thapa served God, her family, and so many others with a whole heart, an amazing set of ministry gifts, and an unstoppable passion. Along with her husband, Sundar, Sareeta led the Asian Access ministry in Nepal, building into the lives of hundreds of key national leaders.

She also shone as a spouse, a mother, and fellow pastor with Sundar in the Ashish (Blessings) church network. Sareeta was a sought-after speaker and preacher, and along with Sundar, played a key consulting role with the Nepalese government in the drafting of Nepal’s first-ever constitution. But Sareeta was so much more than the roles she filled—she was truly a woman after God’s own heart.

sareeta and joe 2020 03 31Joe Handley, president of Asian Access, and Doug Birdsall, former president and now global ambassador for Asian Access, shared their thoughts on this remarkable woman of faith. With additional thoughts provided by Asian Access vice president for missional engagement, Mary Jo Wilson, their reflections are woven together below:

Sareeta collageSareeta was a force like no other. In many ways, she led the work of Asian Access of Nepal. While Sundar, her husband, is a pied piper among leaders, Sareeta was bold and prophetic. Her prophetic challenge was authenticated by her deep walk of faith…

Sundar & Sareeta ThapaShe was a small woman with large energy, amazing gifts, and widespread impact. All her life, she worked tirelessly, joyfully, and sacrificially for the good of others and for the glory of God.

Sareeta was greatly used of God in Nepal, across Asia, and beyond. Her leadership and energy were sources of inspiration, amazement--and some amusement--to all who knew her…

Sareeta’s high-caste upbringing and quality education positioned her well. In addition to her ministry credentials and experience, Sareeta was a trained nurse, an educator, and holder of a DMin degree. In fact, as a young woman, Sareeta received an award from the Queen of Nepal for her outstanding achievements in nursing. Sareeta held her own--whether engaging with church leaders, ministering to the rural poor, or working with the highest levels of the national government…

Sareeta receives an award from the Queen

She had a heart for her nation and a passion for the gospel to reach into every valley and every village in her Himalayan nation at the top of the world. Together with her husband, she trained and mobilized hundreds of evangelists, church planters, and pastors, as well as providing major financial support for many of these same leaders…

Sareeta speaking at Asian Access' 50th anniversary gathering

Sareeta’s voice into the Asian Access movement was listened to. When she spoke, people paid attention. Her approach consistently reinforced the vision, mission, and core values of our movement…

thapas young familyAnd she loved her family. Sareeta loved to say that she had 29 children—Benjamin and Andreas (her two biological sons) and the 27 girls that over the years she and Sundar adopted and raised. The example and wisdom Sareeta instilled into her children is remarkable. Her love and care for them was immense…

We are and I am going to miss her. What a dear, dear sister she was and what a great friend. We know that her legacy will continue in the thousands she invested in who are now passing it on. Someday we’ll be reunited with her again and see that beautiful, glowing smile along with that voice of conviction! I look forward to that day…

Now there is in store for Sareeta the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to her on that day. We honor her for her life, and praise God that she has entered into her eternal rest…

Sundar & Sareeta Thapa 

"Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on; they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them."
— see Revelation 14:13


Noel Becchetti

Noel BecchettiNoel Becchetti has been serving as Asian Access' VP for Leader Development since 2012. Noel and his wife Kyle currently reside in El Cajon, California.


More Information

  • Sareeta's memorial service will be held in a few days. Please be praying for Sundar, their family and vast community of friends.


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