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Empowering “Poor” Churches to Make a Difference in Their Communities

bob-moffitt-200“God is calling us—all of us—to invest in our communities for His sake. No matter how limited our resources might be, we always have something to offer in Christ’s name.”

This challenge was issued by Bob Moffitt of Harvest Foundation. His audience? A group of pastors and Christian leaders from what are known as restricted-access countries. Bob was speaking at a special conference hosted by Asian Access leaders in (you guessed it) a restricted-access country, so we will not mention names or locations.
Seed Projects is how Bob labels his vision. According to Bob, no matter how poor they might be materially, local churches can and should invest a labor of love in their local communities as the hands and feet of Christ.  Over the years, Bob has presented this training to A2 groups throughout Asia.  We have received powerful testimonies of how trainees have gone back to their churches with new vision for reaching out and helping their communities.
The responses from this group of courageous leaders, ministering in communities where they regularly face ostracism, oppression, and outright persecution, were equally powerful:

“Through the teaching of Pastor Bob Moffitt, I’d learned many new things, especially the Seed Project. Before, I planned and operated micro projects for only the people who are serving God. But when I visited the projects of pastor [X] and listened to the sharing of Pastor Bob, I’ve realized that Seed Project is intended to share God’s love with people outside the church.”

“I was inspired by the approach that Bob outlined for the Seed Project:
1. Motivated by God’s intentions
2. Covered in prayer
3. Simple and short
4. Well planned
5. Uses local resources
6. Doesn’t manipulate
7. Works outside the church
8. Involves the beneficiaries—they participate in the project
9. Intentionally wholistic
10. God is praised”

“I am Amen with Pastor Bob.  To be a Pastor is a great calling, but the greater is to become a “full time Christian” to change community. I am praying that my congregation will commit to serve God, and our community, according to our gifts.”

“After coming back from the trip, I shared in a women’s meeting about giving to help our community.  Our women’s committee decided to raise a fund to help the needy and in the first week, our fund collected about US$26. I hope this act will become a habit to all Christians.”

Thanks to Bob Moffitt for his inspiring vision.  Thanks to Stu Lynch for organizing this special gathering. Thanks to our gracious hosts, A2 leaders in their own country and community.  Most especially, thanks to the men and women who attended this gathering--courageous leaders for Christ in difficult situations, who have returned to their countries with a new vision for how they can be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities, for the sake of the Kingdom.

Noel Becchetti

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