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Asian Access launches new website featuring a missionary forum on October 20, 2008

GLENDORA, CA (A2) - "For awhile now, we've realized we need to provide an opportunity for potential missionaries interested in Japan to talk with those currently serving on the field." says Peter Thomson, the Director of Japan Missionary Personnel. "So the idea for go2japan.org was born."

Asian Access missionaries are excited about what they're doing, and go2japan is one medium for them to tell people. And they're excited to get started. Nozomi Imanishi, a current Church Planting Associate, stated, "I love what I do here in Japan. It beats a 9-5 job hands down. Come invest in lives here in Japan."

"The primary purpose of go2japan is...More... to leverage new technology in a highly personal way in order to propel missionaries into the harvest field of Japan," Thomson continued. "It is geared for people exploring the idea of doing mission work in Japan -- whether for 2 weeks or 20 years. These people have questions that they'd like to ask, and we trust they can really benefit from talking with people currently doing what they want to do in the future."

Asian Access realizes that the landscape of missionary mobilization has changed, and methods need to change to keep up with the way young people communicate. The site has seven trained moderators who spent the summer months getting equipped to serve this new community. Most are staff, but one is a recent alumnus. As needed, though, many A2 staff and alumni will likely become moderators in the future. Now all that remains is to promote go2japan.org so that people can register and begin to post their questions and comments.

In addition to a forum, go2japan also provides FAQs about Asian Access' missionary programs to Japan, as well as numerous links to its parent website, www.AsianAccess.org, intended to make it easier to find what they're looking for. Furthermore, there is a growing list of downloadable resources for candidates -- those who have applied and been accepted to serve on one of its missions programs.