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Mongolian wrestling at NaadamNaadam is the Mongolian National Holiday, commemorating the People's Revolution of 1921. Every TV channel would broadcast the man's three games: mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing.

It is interesting that in old times these were the main sports/skills needed for the families to survive. Every male was expected...

Mongolians using a cell phone during Naadam festival

to be a fighter to protect himself and his family, and the main means of transportation would be horses. I think that was one of the factors why the army of Chingghis Khan was so successful is the lifestyle. Just think every male, boy and adult alike was a skillful fighter! That wasn't like some exotic kind of sports, but simply the lifestyle! It was a true joy and excitement for them to get together and try themselves in the so called the man's three games.

In my thinking, because we didn't depend on a comfortable life, we were able to conquer half of the world and establish the biggest Empire ever! (just think how much modern people including Christians, love safety and comfort: some can't function without coffee, showers, soft beds, computers, cars etc.).

The Naadam is held in various administrative units: from the Capital Ulaanbaatar down to small villages (in our case our Church does wrestling match and we have our own champions). Nowadays, most of the people don't play those sports, but became mere spectators. More and more young people are not interested in those sports any more. Why? Because, too many of other flashy sports and other forms of entertainment draw them away from the basic sports.

More and more new sports are watched and played all over the World. But think, if you and your family would live somewhere in the middle of Mongolian steppe, who would care about basketball? hokey? golf? You would have very different priorities for sure.

I think similar thing is happening with the world now. People have too many options, so they spend their lives for some sophisticated things, but neglect the basics of life. Our Church does our own mini Naadam for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with doing other sports, but as Mongolian Christian men, we want at least to be able to wrestle. There is no need for all kinds of expensive equipment to do Mongolian wrestling, just having some friends is enough.

I want to see our men being the same way as old time mongols! Every man is a fighter/soldier! We want to have a lifestyle of a (spiritual) fighter! If half of mongolian men become a sin-fighter, we will be a strong Nation. 

"If I told you earthly things and you don’t believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” John 3:12  

By the way, the man's three games are a beautiful illustration of spiritual walk. Wrestling is wrestling with your flesh, the archery is spiritual warfare by the Word and the horse racing is "riding" the power of the Holy Spirit.


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