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I never particularly liked gers (yurts) since my childhood, being born and raised in the city, thinking it is not modern, messy, primitive, complicated etc. After Jesus accepted me, I started to realize many negative principles behind the city lifestyle, and started valuing old way of Mongolians living in gers. I probably can not live in a ger, but serious about applying the principles of community living and fighting the spirit of self-seeking and materialism. More...


When a family lives in a ger there is no room for individualism, because every body in the family has to be sensitive to each other due to the small living space. It is hard to keep doing your own stuff when someone is cooking, cleaning, washing in the “house”, or working with animals near by or chopping wood. It would be very inappropriate not to help each other. You can’t just go to your room and shut the door. So, family is a higher priority over personals’. In Mongolian culture the children are expected to serve parents: cooking, serving tea, washing dishes, caring for animals, washing, while parents are in charge of making for the living. So, personal concerns go to second place. Isn’t it an excellent school of servanthood?


Because you spend most of the time in the ger next to each other, you have to deal with each others feelings, emotions, struggles and shortcomings all the time. You can’t just ignore it. You are “forced” to care for each other. It developed the culture of honoring parents and elderly. Didn’t Jesus live for 3 years with his Twelve? Isn’t it a perfect school of discipleship in a Christian family?


You can’t have too much of any stuff, simply cause you don’t have much of closets, room, shelves, drawers to keep them. You are forced to have the most basic important things for living. Just think you can’t afford having huge and fancy furniture, lots of clothing, all kinds of utensils etc. That is why most of the gold, silver and precious stones go on the (traditional) costumes. Even your meet, milk and leathers walk in the form of flocks and herds, because we had no storages or a year around refrigeration. You are “encouraged” to make the most of everything you have: water, food, manures (for fire), clothing, even animal bones. You have no rights to waste things. Anti-materialism lifestyle!

People in Gers live in community.

People in Gers live in community.


For Mongols “Us” is more important than “Me.” What a down-to-earth lifestyle! Simple, effective, ethical and I guess biblical. This is the culture Mongols developed for many centuries.


“All believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.” Acts 2:44-45


Well, I guess I am just a nomad in this World, and my ultimate home is Heaven. 



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