by Michael L. Wilson

Today I had a good talk and prayer time together with a dear brother from India who shares my passion to see believers transformed by God's grace to play their rightful part in meaningful redemptive encounters with unbelievers. He looked over my curriculum for Asia and thought I might be able to teach a class at the seminary where he teaches. We found many parallels in our lives and prayed for fulfillment of one another’s visions and special grace for our families. Both are families are being attacked through our youngest children and we prayed for deliverance.

After skyping with Rev Kawasaki in Japan, it's been decided that my next assignment with the mission will be to recruit churches in Japan for the West Tokyo Church Multiplication Network. I need God’s grace to open doors and hearts so I can share the vision of collaborative effort to develop new churches. These pastors are very busy and my time this trip is very limited!

Thank you for your prayers in this adventure!

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