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Nepal 7.8 Earthquake: Death Toll Exceeds 8,400


Text message from a friend on the ground in Nepal:

"We are fine. We are in open ground now, and it's raining. Sadly, our home is totally destroyed; we are homeless now. Earthquakes are still coming and everywhere there are problems. Many dead bodies, it's not counted yet, so many people died."



From The Guardian...
  • More than 8,400 people have been reported dead after a huge 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. With 4.6 million people in the direct quake zone, the toll is expected to rise sharply.
  • The country’s deputy prime minister, Bamdev Gautam, has declared a state of emergency and appealed for humanitarian assistance across the region. He fears that the death toll may reach 10,000.
  • The death toll from Saturday’s earthquake has risen to more than 8,400 as fears grow for the fate of people living in remote villages. One aid worker told the Guardian that he feared that as many as 15,000 have been killed. 
  • Five foreign nationals were among those killed on Everest. Australia named one of the victims as Renu Fotedar Melbourne mother of two.The US State Department said three US citizens were killed including a Google engineer, a medic and a filmmaker. Japan’s foreign minister said a Japanese man was also among the dead.
  • Survivors desperate for shelter have turned to camping out in sewage pipes as thousands of people prepare to spend a third night sleeping rough. 
  • Helicopters have started to rescue up to 150 mountaineers stranded on Everest above an ice fall caused by the earthquake. An additional 61 were injured in the avalanche and an unknown number are still missing.
  • Britain’s Disasters Emergency Committee has launched a joint appeal to help the survivors of the earthquake. The UN’s World Food Programme said a “massive” aid operation will start on Tuesday. 
  • Unicef said nearly one million children in Nepal were severely affected by the earth quake. It also warned of waterborne and infectious diseases.
  • Thousands of Nepalis have began fleeing the capital Kathmandu in the wake of powerful aftershocks that have stoked fears of food and water shortages. Roads leading out of the mountain valley city of one million were reportedly jammed with people.
  • 18 climbers were found dead on Mount Everest after the tremor triggered an avalanche. Many more are trapped.
  • 36 people have also been reported dead India, 12 in China, four in Bangladesh and six in Tibet.
  • The quake caused dozens of buildings in Kathmandu to collapse, including the historic Dharahara Tower.
  • The city’s main hospital is overwhelmed by casualties and residents are facing a night on the streets with nowhere to go.
  • Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has ordered an immediate dispatch of relief and medical teams to Nepal, and the evacuation of Indian tourists.
  • UK foreign secretary Philip Hammond said the government was in close contact with Nepal, and the British Embassy is offering assistance to the authorities and British Nationals in the country.



How to Pray

From: http://www.jdpayne.org/2015/04/26/nepal/#sthash.6PKsj1wf.dpuf

Of the 31 million people who make up this country (not to mention other countries affected), 27 million are considered unreached with the gospel, including almost 4 million unengaged-unreached.

  • Pray that people will have access to basic needs like food, water, shelter, and medical care. Currently those affected by the earthquake are sleeping outside, water sources are compromised, and medical facilities overrun.
  • Pray that people still trapped in the rubble will quickly be found and survive.
  • Pray for the church in Nepal to immediately respond to needs in their communities in ways that allow them to share the gospel.
  • Pray for many in Nepal to turn to Christ in the midst of this crisis.
  • Pray for protection, provision, and boldness for our Brook Hills members and partners working in Nepal.


How to Help...

A. For those Wanting to Give...

  • You can give through Asian Access to support churches who are doing relief work. A2 is distributing funds raised through local churches in Nepal for use where it's needed most. To give online, click the red “Give Now!” button (US$) below or click here...

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...or send your check to Asian Access, PO Box 3307, Cerritos, CA 90703.



B. For those wishing to serve on a relief team, we are exploring our options and potential partnerships.


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