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Continuing to prototype its A2.business ministry to marketplace leaders in Seoul, South Korea. Just recently 9 CEOs and entrepreneurs gathered for the second ever A2.business session.

The Foundation

The Asian Access model passionately focuses on four missional outcomes:

  1. Living in a love relationship with God.
  2. Growing as a Christ-like leader.
  3. Reproducing disciple-making leaders.
  4. Catalyzing disciple-making movements.

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Growing in Christ-likeness at Home

In session two, the nine participants wrestled with the second outcome: becoming a Christ-like leader. In particular, this session was focused on being such a leader at home (in their marriages and families). Yet, most of the men in this cohort are not yet married (but are hoping to get married!). Pastor Leo Rhee (CityLight Seoul Church) shared with them:

“Marriage is probably the decision that will most impact the rest of your life after your decision to follow Christ.”

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As the group interacted on this topic in their vibrant learning community, they encouraged and supported one another in the challenges they face developing relationships while launching startups and running businesses. Through these sessions they are forming life-long relationships.

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Loving God

Every A2.business session reinforces our first missional outcome, living in a love relationship with God. In this recent session, they focused on worship as our entire life, not just what happens at church on Sunday. They addressed the sacred/secular divide that so often happens between Sunday and Monday morning. As CEOs they challenged each other with ways to integrate their life of worship into their workplace. Seeing them apply their natural creativity and initiative toward kingdom transformation in the marketplace was personally exciting for me.

Pray for upcoming A2.business sessions

This cohort of young leaders finalized the remaining 4 sessions over 2015 and 2016. Pray for the next A2.business initiative as session three will be held in just a few weeks over the last weekend of October. Pray for God to be very present as they meet together and as they strive to be missional business leaders. Emerging kingdom leaders in the marketplace are critical to the advance of the gospel across Asia.

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Elliott Snuggs



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