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“Is this a tragedy?” John Piper asked an audience of 50,000 young people when he spoke of two 80-year-old ladies, Ruby a nurse and Laura a retired doctor, who were killed instantly when their car went over a cliff in the Cameroons, where they were serving as missionaries. I continued to watch the video of John Piper where he said, “What happened to these two ladies was no tragedy. But this is a tragedy.” And then he told the story from a Readers’ Digest article about a couple aged 59 and 61, who took early retirement to live in a coastal development in Florida, USA to spend their time cruising on their trawler, playing softball and collecting seashells. And John Piper challenged his... {addthis off}

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We invited Asian Access board member Kärin Primuth to attend our A2 national directors' gathering to share devotions for the week. Afterward, we sat down with Kärin to get some impressions of her time with leaders from 16 A2 countries. This is one impression that she shared with us. Kärin observed Asian Access' value of authentic community lived out among the national directors' gathering. Despite the diversity in experience and theology, there was a sense of community, respect and shared learning... {addthis off}

joel staveley Uo87K3AkF 4 unsplash croppsedWhen 12 spies were sent by Moses to explore Canaan, 10 of them returned with a discouraging report. They saw a land with powerful people and large fortified cities, and strongly discouraged the people from entering the land. Caleb and Joshua saw the same land differently and strongly encouraged the people to go up and take possession of the landTwelve people had sight but only two had insight. INSIGHT is a critical quality that characterises great leaders and the decisions they make. It separates leaders from followers and great leaders from ordinary leaders and can be defined as perspective, intuition, vision and discernment. However, insight can be compromised by logic, precedence, fear, legalism and traditions. Jesus was a person of insight and often saw things that others did not see. The religious leaders of His day sent...{addthis off}

00367_00638.jpgMonday afternoon we were running an All-Ability Festival at the front of Hongodai station. It had been raining in the morning so Samuel, the coordinator, cancelled it. As soon as he did that, it stopped raining. So he told me that we have now cancelled the cancellation… so we were on again. A brave decision as one weather forecast had an 80% chance of rain. God was kind and there was no rain. We set up with a team of over 60 people. During the festival, we played blind football, sit-down volleyball, ran a sensory zone, and also danced and sang to a song written by a blind lady at our church. It was a truly amazing time and we all were blown away by what happened and the impact of Festivals. This is our first festival as a pre-run to many All-Ability Festivals that we want to run during the Paralympics... {addthis off}

00366_00635.jpgGreetings to Asian Access on behalf of our sports ministry partnership! I enjoy sharing good news…I enjoy sharing good news: Festival in Shizuoka... We had a memorable time there yesterday running a Festival with them. We had trained them earlier in the year and they wanted one more time with us. It had been raining and so they hired a gymnasium and it worked well. After 5 weeks of incredible service, it was Timo- the former All Black’s last outreach event. He did great - signing autographs, sharing his testimony at the end and handing out Bibles. The combined youth group sang their song and everyone danced along. Many people from the community were there. The Churches were excited by the response of the community. There were 10 Churches represented – all part of Shizuoka International Sports Partnership – SISP. The Churches were thankful for all the overseas teams and each seemed to have encouraging stories of their mission teams visit...{addthis off}

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