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A2/Philippines group photoEach day is not as certain as we think of and to talk about. Nothing is certain in COVID-19 days! Changes happen quickly and swiftly. Plans are revised every now and then; we are left confused and groping in the dark. The experts’ projections of scenario after scenario, if not properly sieved, make top heavy our worsening anxieties and fear. Local execs, either in public or private sectors, doing that much to the best they can, are in a quandary, influenced by opinionated seemingly wise individuals and scoop-seeking media resulting to nerve-wracking confusions and expectations among the citizens. Crisscrossed opinions considerably take their heavy toll on the gullible, stubborn and equally opinionated populace. How do we cope?...

sailboat by shreyas shah (rxip6Ne0nGo unsplash)An Asian Access Devotional

God often leads us by a route we do not expect. When reflecting on the course of my life and ministry over the last 50 years, I am reminded that every single major transition was a complete surprise—it was never part of my life plan. I planned to go to medical school and to stay east of the Mississippi, but God took me to seminary in California I never thought I would go anywhere during seminary as a summer missionary, much less to Japan, with LIFE Ministries (Asian Access). I never thought I would be invited onto Mariners...

brohier richard 2016I read a message sent from my friend and colleague, Dr. Ivor Poobalan. Ivor who serves as the Principal of the Colombo Bible College. I was encouraged by his sentiment, so I forwarded it to several friends, including Joe Handley. As a faculty member of Asian Access, Joe asked me to post this for the A2 Community. May it encourage you.

Friends, We are confined but not disabled. Stripped of our manic busyness but not disengaged from our thinking and creativity.
Distanced socially but not disconnected. In the middle of the first pandemic in our lifetime, what an opportunity...

A2 wallCalifornia's "Stay-At-Home" Order May Hamper our Check Deposits

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has just issued an order for all residents of the entire state to stay home for the time being—at least through April 19. That necessitates we close our office. Our ability to process checks will be adversely impacted. We ask for your patience in processing paper checks you may have sent or may be sending over the next several days or weeks. We also would like to make sure you are aware of our online giving options: https://asianaccess.org/give. Please consider setting up electronic giving. By making use of these online options, your giving will be processed and receipted quickly, and the funds will be available for the purpose they are given...

An Asian Access Primer

I was addressing a group of leaders, the first cohort in a country where Asian Access was beginning a new program. My goal? Explain why Asian Access takes an approach to leader development that runs counter to everything else these leaders have experienced. Throughout Asia, one of the consistent realities for the lives of the leaders we work with is the fast, even frenetic, paces of their lives. These leaders, all established pastors as well as ministry and often civic leaders in their communities, live and minister at breakneck speeds. They usually wear several hats, juggle responsibilities with numerous boards and organizations in addition to their home churches, and are usually meeting themselves coming and going. To add to the pace, there is pressure to be very busy. “We have a saying...

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