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There is an unprecedented movement of God happening right now in Asia. And if you are from Asia or currently living in Asia, you have a unique opportunity to support this movement.

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This summer I met “Nathan” (not his real name). Nathan serves a church in one of the world’s most populous nations. Nathan is part of a unique movement of God that is happening right before our eyes.

Over many decades, Nathan’s country received the ministry of thousands of foreign missionaries. The seed-planting ministry of these missionaries, combined with the courageous efforts of national leaders, has resulted in a great harvest for the Gospel in this country that is still ongoing—all this despite an environment of oppression and direct persecution of Christians in this country.


Leaders Reaching Leaders: The Work Expands

Asian Access has played a part in this harvest through our unique learning-community model of leader development. The A2 leaders in this country have adapted and expanded this model to reach many more leaders in their country. Nathan is one of these leaders.

As Nathan went through Asian Access’ leader development program, he felt a call to reach out to a neighboring country. He now serves there as a tentmaking missionary, conducting business as he also works in the ministry. Nathan is also actively reproducing the A2 training he received in his country. We call this Reproducing Disciple-Making Leaders.


The Vision: 20,000 Missionaries by 2030

Nathan is just one of thousands of leaders in this country who have taken the up the challenge they believe God has put before them. They sense that God is calling them to, in their words, “repay the debt we owe God”. How? They intend to send out 20,000 missionaries to other countries in their region by 2030. They have experienced how missionaries have blessed their nation; they now want to be a missionary blessing to others—following the call of Abraham:  Blessed to be a Blessing.

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Live in Asia? From Asia? You Can Help!

If you are from Asia—either currently living there, or were born there—you have a unique opportunity to support Nathan and his fellow leaders. An anonymous foundation has offered Asian Access a challenge grant in 2015. Through December 31, 2015, Asian Access has been challenged to raise $1,000,000 for the work in Asia, from Asian-connected supporters like you.

Generous donors contributed $749,171 toward this challenge! Thank you so much!

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Truly an Historic Opportunity

You can be part of helping pastors like Nathan fulfill God’s calling in their lifetimes. THANK YOU for your consideration. And thank you for your prayers for Nathan, his fellow leaders, and the believers in their country as they move ahead in faith. Truly, Asia Rising.

I would consider it a personal honor if you would make a gift toward this challenge. Even if you have already given, please prayerfully consider another gift before the December 31 deadline.

May God richly bless you this Christmas season.

Sincerely in Christ,

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Joe Handley


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