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I had the privilege of welcoming the newest group of graduates to the Asian Access family yesterday: “a vibrant community of servant leaders… leading the Church across Asia… to unite the Church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel.”

This group inspired me as they shared the impact of the last two and half years. I thought you might enjoy hearing their praise:

Graduate #1:

  • A2 changed the perception of my love of the Lord
  • I switched from ministry first to family first
  • I realized that I need to start from scratch in ministry again
  • I’d love to see an advanced level A2 begin
  • I was impressed by the importance of our intimacy with Christ by the whole team (directors, faculty and the president)
  • The family module was painful - I realized I was neglecting my family and now I’m making progress 
  • God challenged me to not focus solely on the higher class but also reach out to the poor

Graduate #2: 

  • I love the leadership – the way you model what you teach is inspiring 
  • My family life got better – the family module was a deep blessing for my entire family

Graduate #3:

  • A2 renewed my vision
  • I realized how I need to align my life and ministry with the vision of Jesus

Graduate #4:

  • A2 has been molding me the last three years
  • This helped me get back to God
  • I decided not to be harsh with my children
  • God is teaching me to be a leader rather than jumping from one thing to another

Graduate #5:

  • These three years revived me
  • I was busy doing a lot of things but my personal time with the Lord and family was lost
  • I so enjoyed the focus on the love relationship with God

Graduate #6:

  • We had a lot of fun, we ate well and we learned together
  • The friendships built here were profound
  • I was touched by the focus on intimacy with God
  • My wife loves me more because I changed
  • I learned a different way to do ministry

Graduate #7:

  • I always felt left out until I joined A2 
  • I learned to focus my ministry and life
  • I learned to serve
  • A2 improved my family and my life with God
  • I hope we see an advanced level of A2 someday

Graduate #8:

  • The focus on our love relationship with Jesus was at the heart of everything
  • These last two years were practical and fruitful
  • My family life improved

Graduate #9:

  • A2 helped me refine my vision
  • We became a band of brothers
  • I was touched by love of the leaders
  • A2 reinforced the importance of intimacy with God

Graduate #10:

  • I was on the verge a burnout and found a loving family here
  • I am now more connected 
  • I am more disciplined

Graduate #11:

  • I’m so glad to meet so many men of God
  • A2 gave me a bigger vision
  • I now want to plant a church in the North

Graduate #12:

  • We got the best treatment 
  • I learned that ministry is not performance but a life with God
  • This proved to be a turning point for me to serve marginalized 
  • I appreciated the importance of vision & mission

Graduate #13:

  • We relaxed together and had a lot of fun
  • I love the way we accept each other the way we are

MJ Laji Joe

My fellow co-faculty, Mary Jo, Laji and me


And finally this creative summary captured things so well:

"If any pastor is in Asian Access, He/She becomes a new creation; old ministry perspectives pass away and behold, a new love relationship with Jesus established... for a greater, sweeter and more fruitful ministry.” — Alumnus RK 

— A2 5:1-8 (A2=Asian Access, 5 stands for Batch/Class #5, 1-8 stands for our 8 modules)

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