What a thrill to be part of a new venture with Asian Access: A2.business!

A few weeks ago we graduated our first group of business leaders in South Korea and last weekend, we launched the first group in South Asia.

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The quintessential message of this venture is a focus on God verses Self. As Daniel Fong, Founder and Teacher of Million Dollar Baby, suggested:

“Life on earth is an epic battle between a focus on God or a focus on us!”

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Daniel co-taught with renowned author and thought leader Skye Jethani highlighting much of what Skye addresses in his book With. I would highly recommend this book as Skye so compellingly articulates one of the most important core values of Asian Access: ALL IN with God!

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Time and time again, we are tempted to see life as a series of steps that we can take on our own strength. But, Jesus focus turns our world upside down. Advertisements and books keep barraging us with commercial approaches to help ourselves but Jesus says something entirely different: Take your focus off yourself and bring attention to my love for you.


Life WITH God

Skye argues for a ravishingly compelling picture of a life “WITH” God as opposed to the idols of this world. It is here that we find life and find it more abundantly! (John 10:10)

These business leaders are constantly bombarded with the messages of life that lead them to the wrong solutions. Jesus has something far better to offer us than anything this world can offer and any growth technique we can lean into. He offers us a deep, abiding relationship with him. And, it is only in that relationships that we will bear much fruit. Without him, we can do nothing!

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But, Life WITH him gives us amazing strength, life, vitality and fruitfulness.

Why don’t you try it? Run toward this ravishingly compelling new vision for living: A Life WITH God! It’ll turn your world upside down and give you more joy than you can ever imagine. 

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