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Recently, I experienced a great deal of joy at Asian Access/Japan National Conference. Story after story was shared that inspired me!

One pastor who just graduated from Asian Access/Japan, Tomoaki Goto, shared an incredible vision. He wants his church to be known as the Joyful Church. And Pastor Goto lives out the essence of the word “joy”. Just look at his face pictured here with me. That says it all!

Before he shared, several ministry strategists spoke about the needs of the church in Japan:

  1. We are an aging society so we need to reach the elderly.
  2. We have to reach the youth or we won’t survive.
  3. We must even practice Genesis evangelism. [Hint: we need to have more babies!]
  4. We must be about church planting in order to grow.
  5. And, finally, we must meet the needs of our community.

Pastor Goto hit all five in the vision God has given him for his church. Between that and his contagious spirit, I was sold! 

What a joy to see an emerging young leader like Pastor Goto and his generation of pastors who want to take up the torch to reach Japan for Christ. His vision is to have a church that first and foremost is joyful as a signal of hope to his nation. And, his strategy addresses all the critical needs addressed during this conference, including having a new baby! He and his wife are expecting.

Join me in praise for what God is doing in Japan. I have a sense that this is harvest season as more and more I am hearing reports of people coming to Christ and a more open spirit across the nation. What a joy to be living here at this significant season of time! 

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Joe Handley, President
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