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Nozomi のぞみ = Hope

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Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Nozomi Project and wow, I didn’t expect how powerfully God would move in my own life. As we were sharing together I heard the amazing story shared in this video about an autistic boy:

Thing is, I didn’t expect it to hit me personally. You see, I have an autistic sister so I shared a lot in common with the family in the video. As you’ll see in the story, the mom was encouraged through the Nozomi team, and particularly by my colleague Sue Takamoto, that her son’s life has purpose and meaning.

That led me to share part of my own journey growing up with my sister. You see, I’m not naturally a very compassionate person but growing up with my sister, there were times where I felt compelled to defend her and protect her from mean people. Growing up with my sister, Suzy, allowed God to melt my heart and I believe is one of the key reasons why He called me into mission today. You see, its simply very difficult to live a life of mission without having a heart of compassion and my sister, Suzy, is a big reason why I have a compassionate heart today.

It didn’t end there. Suzy has become, I believe, my most supportive and passionate prayer warrior. She prays simple prayers for her brother, me, and my family as well as for Asian Access and the ministries that are touched through us. As I started sharing my story with this young lady, we both started to weep and at one point, I couldn’t even talk for a few minutes. Today, Suzy likely prays for many of you when I share your stories or needs publicly. She’s a BIG part of God’s redemptive plan. And, I believe it wouldn’t have the ministry I have today if it weren’t for my sister!

For years, we have prayed for her healing from autism but God in his wisdom had a higher purpose for my sister. He has the same higher purpose for this young autistic boy who now even has a jewelry line named after him. Check it out:

"But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth” 
— Exodus 9:16

The same is true for you: God has a higher calling for you. No matter where you see yourself in life, God has an important purpose for you. You see, all of us are broken vessels whom God intends to shape for his divine plan. Out of the brokenness of our lives and out of the brokenness of Japan’s triple-disaster, God can bring Nozomi. He can bring hope! 

If you need a little boost of hope today, check out the links above and go to the Nozomi Project website to explore more:

I’m praying for you and there’s a good chance that my sister Suzy is too!


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