It was an honor co-convening the Leader Development Consultation last week in Chiang Mai Thailand!

Asian Access came alongside of LeaderSource and several other organizations and movements to help “catalyze advances in thinking and practice in leader development around the world.”

We led an all-day intensive called “A Taste of Asian Access” and several of our colleagues led other workshops. In addition, we were an active player in the formal/non-formal theological education dialog where we are trying to find synergy for leader development specifically through theological formation.

The highlight for me though was both getting together with many from our A2 Community and meeting Fregy John, the Asia Continent Director, from The Timothy Initiative. Here’s a few pictures of our A2 family (missing many from South Asia who came) and a picture of Fregy and me.

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What was so thrilling was to hear Fregy say:

“I so appreciate Asian Access. Three of your alumni are on my team and they keep giving us ideas from Asian Access on how we can make The Timothy Initiative better!”

Why did this inspire me? Because it means we are truly living out our values and objectives. This reflections our third outcome of Reproducing Disciple-Making Leaders! As we invest in others, they then go and reproduce what they are learning in their circles of influence. As we often now say, “We change the few who change the many!”

In addition to Fregy, one of our alumni, Pras from India (pictured in the yellow shirt), has been chosen to be a key leader for LeaderSource. Pras will now be sharing the wisdom he gained from Asian Access along to another one of the more substantive leader development organizations in our world.

By investing in a few key leaders, Asian Access is having a profound impact across Asia. What a joy it is to simply lean into Jesus and see how He uses us for His kingdom advance!

How are you making disciples? Are you reproducing disciple-making leaders?

I’d love to hear from you!

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